Wednesday, 10 February 2021


what a mad year it was in 2020, our markets closed early in March & we watched the world sink itself. what a mess.

it's now 2021 & hopefully a better year for all, some of us are still in lockdown around the globe as the virus takes on new mutations, wonderful! 

happy to say i've stayed reasonably healthy but then i don't travel anywhere

our markets hopefully start up at the end of the month, last sunday in Feb. YAY

we are still debating whether to do weekly , fortnightly or monthly, will let you know


not a lot has been done, have more problems with my hands which seemed to have settled down slightly, finished my Hermione Everyday socks & wearing them, finished my sons jumper too & am trying to work out how to make fingerless gloves for that's what he has asked for, have tried twice now but keep getting the fingers wrong. 

also finally started my BWM cardigan, not much though before the summer heat hit & also found a lovely pattern for my jumper, will show photos next blog. 

started more socks, currently have Easy Cable socks by Winwick Mum (on my side bar, she has lots of tutorials for socks) on the go in BWMs multisock yarn Lagoon & 2 others on the go to keep it all interesting

on the home front i had several disasters last year, not life threatening but close hah

septic sludge pit totally died so the water was backing up & flooding my laundry, termites in the toilet door frame/jam, both of these have been sorted except for toilet door needs work, the front door is collapsing as well.

life is full of little & large journeys/surprises to keep us on our toes, front door is still waiting to be looked at. 


baby chickens! they are so adorable! my DD1 & her BF incubated a few eggs (5doz @) not sure if i'll go that way again, all up we only got 20 that hatched; 4 out of the first lot, they came here end of November & 15 from the 2nd lot; 1st batch were a mixed & the 2nd were Buff Orpingtons & Silver & Gold Lace Wyandots, only got one gold; hopefully we get mostly hens; already lost one of the babies, it just disappeared over night, am guessing maybe small snake.

they are all quite big now & the 1st lot should be ready to lay eggs soon, can't wait.

DD1s BF also has a young horse that will be coming here too, he is just putting up a fence...

well, will quit here 

hope everyone is keeping safe

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Friday, 20 December 2019


hope everyone has a very safe holiday xxx

thanx for sticking around to read my little blog occasionally, see you all in 2020

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Tuesday, 13 August 2019

a little help from our friends ...

g'day there folks

sorry haven't been around much, still trying to catch up with my knitting 

thought you all might like to follow along with The Blue Birds Are Nesting series 

How to beat rising prices like Nana did.


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Tuesday, 26 March 2019

are we prepared enough?

g'day folks

sorry i've not been here, i still read most of your blogs though & here is one i thought i might share, Patsi from a working pantry has a lot of good information covering many areas of simple living; 
here she is having a class about being prepared when disaster strikes 

so you think you're prepared?

hope everyone is safe & well in your part of the world

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Thursday, 20 December 2018

a little sadness


i just finished sprinkling snap dragon seeds on top of a little grave, B.J.s grave, who died Wednesday 19th December 1:30pm almost 17 years old, a little gray tortoiseshell with attitude, her last 2yrs with dementia.

R.I.P. little one @2003 - 19-12-2018

Friday, 9 November 2018

just dropping in


it's been awhile

as i've said in earlier posts, i'm not much of a writer ...

been madly knitting & trying to finish a commissioned cardigan; finished the fronts only to find the pattern for the larger size isn't large at all, well, that put a damper on my knitting... so i have to make side panels to fit into it, no biggy. I hope...
the lady i am knitting for is quite big, it's my 1st attempt at a large garment, we're getting there...

on the home front, Miss Poppet is settling in nicely, non of the other 2 are friendly with her yet, it's been a year, come on! all in good time i guess.

not much is happening out in my poor dry gardens as i'm too busy knitting lol. 

i did get a fence up between the neighbour & i, progress! now to come up with another few 1000 to get the rest of it done... $$$$$$$$$$$ am determined 

well that's it for now, just letting everyone know i'm still here 

hope everyone is well, happy & safe in your neck of the world

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Monday, 22 January 2018

a bad start, a bad omen or just plain bad luck ... ?


well i don't know if this year is going to be a good year or not, this month so far hasn't been that pleasant; 
for starters, the new year weekend started off great as had DD1 here for a 3 day visit! that was awesome, only to discover the Monday morning after i'd left my tank tap on & emptied my tank out. bugga. damn, bugga, double bugga! i scolded myself for days after that... not a happy Jan!
just as well i don't depend on it for water as am hooked up to the town supply.

the following Friday morning another mishap, after letting the cats out i continued down to the loo, only not to make it quite there & fell down my steps!
i was shocked. was in so much pain, had injured both ankles & a knee. ended getting up with some difficulty, finished doing what i came down to do, texted my sister & told her what had happened then climbed into bed to get warm & literally passed out for 2 hours! it could've been a lot worse than it was, i was thankful that i caught myself against the door jam, cut my hand on it too. 
my daughters came up on the Saturday to check up on me , i did tell them i was okay but hobbling around. to add salt to the wound my power decided to play up on Saturday arvo as well, it was Sunday by the time we got it back on. i think the extreme heat might have caused the problem, we were having temps in the mid 40s with high humidity. 

it's been a little over a week since i had the fall & my left foot is still giving me grief but it will heal eventually (i hope) have been ever so careful with my stairs since. can't stand for long periods either, both feet start aching & the left just throbs painfully, i did land hard I guess as have other areas of hurt popping up, like both forearms, hands & my lower back have been achy as well. 

that's enough about my mishap adventures for now! 

have not been able to do a lot of knitting lately, seem to be distracted more than usual or prefer to opt out the easy way & sit on my computer for hours! though last week i did leave it off for 4 days. 
i have only managed to finish one item off this month & that is an alpaca beanie; started a dish cloth in the first week & still knitting that! also have got a good start on my Easy Lace Socks with the wool i dyed myself, had hoped to get to the heel start this morning but the sweats put a stop to that, nearly there though; on the cooler mornings we have had i dragged my DSs jumper out to work on it, have a way to go on that one yet & need to get a wriggle on if he is going to wear it THIS winter!

another thing i am trying to do also, is join in with Rhonda at Down to Earth working from her latest book; need to figure out what & how to organise myself, it's something i've never really done, so it's all a learning curve. i don't need all of it but am starting to think that a knitting & garden journal may be of benefit, for starters. i will look around & see what i can find for myself, it has to be very simple for my uncomprehending mind to work with. 

have also been trying to catch up with my blog reading am very far behind on that one, it takes a few hours to get around to all of you. 

this was taken before xmas; Miss Poppet 

hope everyone is well & many up north are surviving the 'big' snows they have had; the weather seems to be a predator these last few years & almost unpredictable. 
stay warm or cool in your part of the world

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