Wednesday, 2 September 2015

my day... yesterday

the first day of spring rolled in quite cool, that was yesterday, even put a skivvy on, not so today, it's very warm here today.
yesterday i potted around, took a heap of lavender heads off the bush, excused myself to the bees, they didn't mind so much & went on their merry way over to the calendulas. i missed taking the lavender off last year this year i'm right on top of it & already have a few dried, might put it in soap later or make sweet scented pillows. 

lavender drying
also got in some more knitting on YDs collar, which i've since finished this morning as only had 20 rows of straight knitting to do, fingers all swelled up yesterday which made handling the needles awkward, glad it doesn't happen often.     
20 rows to go here, which is since been finished
there was a lovely sunset to finish the 1st day of spring off, though my phone camera didn't do it justice, the colours were spectacular.

1st day of spring sunset, my phone didn't capture it very well

today is sprinkler day for the front garden, i did a bit of grass chipping around the fig tree, discovered i have sprung a leak in a water pipe & texted the plumber. 

on the weekend my beautiful children came up to see me for my birthday & what a surprise my eldest had for me, along with my sister they had planned a holiday for me between them since May to go down to see my sister in Tasmania! what a treat! i was a total stunned mullet & it still hasn't fully sunk in, now i know why my sisters texts were a bit funny, or she would throw in a random text with nothing to do with what we were saying, she was biting her tongue! my eldest is coming too & she wants to explore quite a few places, that will all be happening in February. can't wait.

hope everyone has been enjoying their days

thanx for visiting 


  1. How specail and how exciting!!! I hope you have a very happy birthday and a wonderful time in Tassie!!


  2. Very exciting news, Selina - I am sure you will have great time in Tassie visiting with your sister.

  3. Happy Birthday, what a beautiful surprise for you!

  4. Happy Birthday. What a wonderful gift you are getting. I know how hard it is to be away from family. I only see mine once a year for a couple weeks. As you know we just finished a visit from my parents however I won't see my sister til next year. We only see each other once every 2 years when I go their way. The cost of plane tickets in our own country is crazy. I could probably book a flight overseas cheaper.

    Enjoy you visit with your sisters and take lots of pictures. :)

  5. thanx all for the birthday wishes, yes, have so much to get done too before i can even think about going anywhere.
    think my daughter scored them on special cos it was so far in advanced. my sister has often told me of these discounted fairs but i can never work them out.
    will try to take as many photos as i can, my daughter owns a camera

  6. Looking forward to hearing all about Tassie Selina. I lived there until I was 24, and every now and then get a longing to go back. Have a lovely time with your sister.

  7. Fabulous about the holiday! How do use your lavender heads in soap - I have never had much luck with lavender in soap?

    1. i don't know yet either phil, i presume you would soak them in oil like you do with the calendula? i haven't made that one either yet, need to get some molds
      will let you know when i do finally get around to making some