Tuesday, 20 September 2016

around my garden ...

the last 2-3 days the weather has been cool here, lots of rain which is unusual, before the cool, we had warm humid days, it has set nature off a little & the rest of us is just a tad confused?

gardens seem to be always a w.i.p. no matter what the season

thought i'd share a few photos, these are taken with my phone camera

Pink Pelargonium

Shasta Daisy


Red Hippeastrum soon to flower
Beautiful Freesias

pink geranium with coriander & feverfew
late flowering Clivia

bird bath in amongst the flowers

Dianthus enjoying lettuce company
African Daisy sheltering the Herb Robert

not a lot going on out the front but hoping to improve it with more flowers in near future. 

hope everyone is having a good week

thanx for visiting


  1. I'm an absolute lover of daisies, Selina and yours are a beautiful sight to see. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You have many lovely flowers in your garden, Selina. I have a clivia (yellow) but it hasn't flowered yet. One of my Hippeastrum lilies has a bud though and I can't wait for it to bloom. We've had rain here today so everything's had a good drink and the water tanks are full. Meg

  3. Love your combination of pretty, and useful plants Selina...wish I could grow freesias, they smell divine.

  4. thanx everyone,
    the freesias were seeds from my neighbour, the first year no flowers but have flowered every year since
    oops, thanx Meg, it's a Hippeastrum not Agapanthus, will correct that soon

  5. Selina, I was just looking at our freesias today and I think all the rain has ruined them.Also they didn't like the warm couple of days we had before it turned cold again but the cliveas are looking great here still as we are cooler than you are up there of course. Your garden is looking good.

  6. Your flowers are looking lovely Selina. I wish I was better at growing daisies.

    1. daisies pretty much grow themselves, they are quite hardy & most self seed too

  7. Just wonderful Selina. I feel like I know your garden by sight now.