Tuesday, 15 November 2016

shivering after the heat

i call this a Flame Flower, no idea it's proper name, it's the 1st time it's flowered since i bought it home from the shop over 10 yrs ago

have you ever seen a flower on a Dumb Cane? i never have

it's actually darker than this, nice rustic maroon Day Lily

Caper Butterflies were everywhere last week, quite a few hundred

it got quite hot here last week, up in the low 40s, 39.7'c in my kitchen was the hottest day, the others were 37'c 38 & 39. barely a storm or shower
today & yesterday we are nearly freezing, overnight it was 14'c & a cool 23'c during the day, been getting around in my woollies again! crazy weather!

are the seasons as strange in your area too? 

keep warm or stay cool in your neck of the woods

thanx for visiting


  1. I'm in the Pacific Northwest, Washington. It's been unseasonally warm, but not hot. We had a record of the most 60 degree (Fahrenheit)days in November, now the temps have set themselves to normal. Last month we had the rainiest October ever. So yes, it's strange here too, just not as extreme!

  2. Hi Selina. Like you, here in Brissy the weather's been hot though a few degrees less than you've had. Storms here have brought good rain but a few have come in from the north which is very unusual here. Normally, they roll in over the ridge to the South West. Aren't those caper butterflies pretty. So many butterflies this year! Meg:)

  3. You seem to have the knack for getting things to flower....lucky you.

  4. Selina, we had some hot days too and then it really cooled down...thankfully. I had to find my jumper again. Ha ha! I am glad it doesn't get as hot here as it does where you live.

  5. Hi Selina, your flowers are looking lovely ... am looking forward to my daylillies flowering - still too cold here. Yes our temps are all over the place & I am still wearing winter clothing even though summer arrives in 2 weeks !!!

  6. Hi I see you are getting well into your summer and those lovely flower photos are so enjoyable. Here our garden is put to bed for the winter, so all browns and grays. Expecting our first real snow fall Sunday with 10 -12cm. So it begins. I love your knitted tea cosies. Happy puttering and knitting.