Tuesday, 3 October 2017

a little relief from the heat

sunday 1st October was a windy day & another hot one but not quite as hot as the previous days which were 39`c inside my house & probably 40-41`c+ outside, most of last week was like that, that is summer temperatures! in spring! even i was complaining about it, there was no gentle transition just straight to hot. 
we had rain late sunday night, which was such a relief as we haven't had rain here for months & many tanks were getting very low, i only have a 2000g@ & it was below half! i don't depend on it as i'm hooked up to the town water but rain water tastes so much better.
it rained steady all day monday which was just great & a nice surprise, today it was overcast but the rain has gone for now & the temperatures should be back to the high 20s (fingers crossed) 

bunderberg apparently had some flash flooding, hope all are safe & well up there (only 2hrs from here) 

so there has been a bit of rain getting around the place with different areas getting some. 

well that's all from me here;  hope everyone is safe & well 

thanx for visiting 


  1. Hi Selina, Glad to hear that you had some rain. It makes such a difference in the soil and the garden. We are prone to flash floods here, too.

  2. We got good rain down here in Brisbane too, Selina, and it was lovely to hear water trickling and then gushing into our rainwater tanks. Hope we get some follow up rain soon (fingers crossed). Meg:)

  3. I think we got about 32mm at first and then a bit more in a storm late yesterday. It was so very appreciated as the ground was rock hard. Glad you got some rain, Selina.