Monday, 11 December 2017

end of year ...


something fresh for the season & a totally different colour scheme for me... 
we have had some good rains here over the last couple of weeks, grass always needs cutting, had help from my friend Nev for the back plus planted 5 more trees.

Cats are all doing fine though wish BJ would settle down & stop fighting with Poppet.  

think i'm staying home this year, not sure what's happening with that as no one has said anything. 
renovations are still ongoing as far as i know, time permitting. no more updates there yet.

on the knitting front; still knitting socks, just finished another pair which one had to be redone as way too short, they now fit, wore them on Sunday & they proved to be very comfortable. will be starting another pair soon, probably boot socks next with much thicker yarn (8ply). i bought another sock class from craftsy, one of Ann Budds lessons, she has some different techniques which i'm hoping will be helpful in my bid to conquer the sock making lol. have to finish my sisters alpaca beanie so i can start a vest(?) maybe, haven't decided yet. am still knitting my sons jumper; most of the projects i have going will be a priority in the new year to get finished as i have plans to make lots of beanies next year for the markets... 

Poppet is doing well & doesn't go outside much yet

when i go outside for any length of time Miss Poppet tends to seek me out, think she may have a little bit of a security issue there perhaps, the feeling of being left behind. her weight is good now & she is having 2 meals a day, her face has totally cleared up, no swelling. Rita is still a little unsure about her but getting better.

that's my little bit of news for now, how is everyone doing, got plans for the christmas break? 

thanx for visiting


  1. I like your new colours, Selina. The background's lovely! Wonderful that Poppet has settled in and is eating well and looking much better. We are on holidays but it's raining so I'm catching up with everyone on blogs I read, when sun (hopefully) comes out later, will be back down the beach. We will have a quiet xmas this year & my mum is coming from Far North Qld on Boxing Day. Really looking forward to that! I haven't ever knit a beanie, must give that a try one day. Meg:)

    1. thanx Meg
      do give beanie knitting a go, it's fun & quick on circulars! we had rain again today, 3 showers about an hour a part!

  2. Selina, I have made only one pair of socks and have no intention of putting myself through that torture again. LOL! It will be a quiet Christmas here as the grandchildren won't be coming down.

    1. hahaha ohhh Nanna Chel, you make me laugh sometimes! understand fully but already being a keen knitter to start with, am NOT going to let these socks win! i do enjoy knitting them too; it's just the sizing which seems to be the problem for me, otherwise i find the construction relatively easy

  3. Hi Selina, That's great that you're doing another sock class. I love knitting socks. They are so warm and comfortable. I'm looking forward to seeing my dad and my friend from second grade at Christmas time. Hope your is a happy one...