Monday, 22 January 2018

a bad start, a bad omen or just plain bad luck ... ?


well i don't know if this year is going to be a good year or not, this month so far hasn't been that pleasant; 
for starters, the new year weekend started off great as had DD1 here for a 3 day visit! that was awesome, only to discover the Monday morning after i'd left my tank tap on & emptied my tank out. bugga. damn, bugga, double bugga! i scolded myself for days after that... not a happy Jan!
just as well i don't depend on it for water as am hooked up to the town supply.

the following Friday morning another mishap, after letting the cats out i continued down to the loo, only not to make it quite there & fell down my steps!
i was shocked. was in so much pain, had injured both ankles & a knee. ended getting up with some difficulty, finished doing what i came down to do, texted my sister & told her what had happened then climbed into bed to get warm & literally passed out for 2 hours! it could've been a lot worse than it was, i was thankful that i caught myself against the door jam, cut my hand on it too. 
my daughters came up on the Saturday to check up on me , i did tell them i was okay but hobbling around. to add salt to the wound my power decided to play up on Saturday arvo as well, it was Sunday by the time we got it back on. i think the extreme heat might have caused the problem, we were having temps in the mid 40s with high humidity. 

it's been a little over a week since i had the fall & my left foot is still giving me grief but it will heal eventually (i hope) have been ever so careful with my stairs since. can't stand for long periods either, both feet start aching & the left just throbs painfully, i did land hard I guess as have other areas of hurt popping up, like both forearms, hands & my lower back have been achy as well. 

that's enough about my mishap adventures for now! 

have not been able to do a lot of knitting lately, seem to be distracted more than usual or prefer to opt out the easy way & sit on my computer for hours! though last week i did leave it off for 4 days. 
i have only managed to finish one item off this month & that is an alpaca beanie; started a dish cloth in the first week & still knitting that! also have got a good start on my Easy Lace Socks with the wool i dyed myself, had hoped to get to the heel start this morning but the sweats put a stop to that, nearly there though; on the cooler mornings we have had i dragged my DSs jumper out to work on it, have a way to go on that one yet & need to get a wriggle on if he is going to wear it THIS winter!

another thing i am trying to do also, is join in with Rhonda at Down to Earth working from her latest book; need to figure out what & how to organise myself, it's something i've never really done, so it's all a learning curve. i don't need all of it but am starting to think that a knitting & garden journal may be of benefit, for starters. i will look around & see what i can find for myself, it has to be very simple for my uncomprehending mind to work with. 

have also been trying to catch up with my blog reading am very far behind on that one, it takes a few hours to get around to all of you. 

this was taken before xmas; Miss Poppet 

hope everyone is well & many up north are surviving the 'big' snows they have had; the weather seems to be a predator these last few years & almost unpredictable. 
stay warm or cool in your part of the world

thanx for visiting


  1. Sorry to hear about your fall, our balancing muscles are seldom used as we age and so are not strong and sometimes let us down.....something to consider. The aches and pains can be helped by Arnica ointment, which you can find at some chemists and most health food stores.Your body does some crazy twisting and turning as you fall to try and 'save you' and this often causes aches and pain in parts that weren't actually hit or grazed.
    Do hope you are feeling better soon.
    Oh the tank water....oh dear, I did that once myself but we were not on town water so waaaay more @&#¥€@# !
    I think your idea of a knitting journal is spot on for me too, I knit a lot and often substitute yarn or use different ply to get a different size or make a cardigan into a jumper etc. With a memory like a sieve a book of notes, details and instructions would be very handy.

  2. Oh, that fall sounds dreadful, Selina. No wonder you are sore. I hope all those bruised hurts improve quickly. Couldn't you just kick yourself when things like leaving taps on happen? I've done that once before with our small water tank, thankfully not the large one under the house. At least you have the town water there. I'm following along with Rhonda too and enjoying reading the comments for further ideas. Meg:)

  3. Selina, I have had a few falls too so always hang on to the railing when going down the stairs. The dreadful heat just saps one's energy and it makes me feel sick as well now that I am getting older so I am happy when it cools down once again. I hope your aches and pains from the fall disappear quickly.

  4. Gosh Selina, you are having a bad run for sure. I am so sorry to read about your fall ... we need to take care of ourselves as none of us are getting any younger & falls can take quite sometime to recover from. I am wanting to work my way through Rhondas book too ... I often have great intentions but not often follow through with them. Take care of yourself Selina Xxx

  5. thank you for all the lovely replies

  6. Hi Selina, So sorry to hear about your fall. I hope you don't have an infection. That throbbing doesn't sound good. Too bad about the water tap. I find myself forgetting more things as I get older. I'm glad you can still be hooked up to city water. Your knitting always looks beautiful. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Lets hope this year gets better than these first weeks Selina. It makes me so mad at myself when I forget something or inadvertently waste something, so don't fret too much about it and it will fill up again with your next rain. You are not the only one to have done that. Poor you, I do hope your pains are becoming less each day. It's easy enough to slip and take a tumble when we're rushing about doing many things at once. Wishing you a fast recovery. X

  8. Oh my goodness Selina, what a time you have had!

    I am not sure where you live, but if there is a reject shop nearby, they had very cute garden journals in there for $5.00. I purchased one for myself and am kicking myself that I didn't buy more to use as gifts.

    The tap being left on; I think we have all done that (well I have anyway) and it does make oneself very mad! I find I have to check things over and over these days...this getting old is not for sissy's!

    Hope you fully recover from your fall very soon.


  9. Goodness me, I hope you are healed now. That did sound like a rough patch literally. Sending a little late healing love x

  10. Thanks for popping by my blog, Selina! I hope you've healed up after that fall. Sounds horrible.

  11. Hi Selena, just checking in. Hope your year is going better than the very start. Take care now.

  12. Thanks for all the comments you leave me over on my blog Selina .. I do appreciate you dropping by. I see you haven't posted in a wee while so I check back every now & again to see if you have. Hope things are okay with you & you have recovered from your fall okay. Julie Xx

  13. geez mum its been awhile since you have posted! not that i can talk but I'm busy whats your excuse! i love popping in here and reading your posts i remember your fall very well cause you tried to hide it from us! your a worry xoxo love you

    1. thanx sweetie, have just put a new post up, my excuse is knitting lol