Saturday, 21 February 2015

windy, wet & wild

no. am not advertising a theme park ...

that is pretty much the description of how our night was here, the house shook with the wild, wet winds, it was roaring here, the dog was restless, getting up & bumping into walls, doors & furniture (poor love is almost blind) i was up continuously checking on on her, in the end i dragged her bedding & her into my room, she seemed to settle down then, when the winds finally died down & all i could hear was the rain falling on the roof. relief.
this mornings view was a lot of pools of water laying everywhere & when walking down to do the girls, my boots were sloshing through about an inch of water, we got a lot of rain dumped on us last night. half expected debris around but no, think we were lucky, i left sheets on the line & they were still there, a little spattered with mud & one was wound around the lines but otherwise all in one piece.

hope everyone came out unscathed as tc marcia hit the coast & went to ground

the sun is trying to shine now.

thanx for visiting


  1. Gosh Selina, it was much worse for you than for us and we were in the warning area! Marcia went well west of us and we had some wind gusts of around 70 km's but only a little rain. Our dog sleeps outside but we brought her inside when the wind picked up. I am so glad to see you came through in one piece.

  2. Thank goodness you're safe n sound

  3. Glad to hear you are safe Selina.


  4. I grinned at the title of that post b/c there was a theme park in Georgia called Wet N' Wild. Then I heard how rough you had it. I am glad you and yours came out of it okay. It sounds like a very bad night.

  5. Glad you were okay, Selina. Thankfully Marcia veered away from us during Friday night. Funnily enough we had wild winds which brought trees down for two days before Marcia even crossed the coast last week. Obviously a different weather system.

  6. thanx everyone, glad you all are safe & sound too

  7. Glad to see you are all safe as well. Must have been quite the night.

  8. Glad to hear you came through all are a saint looking after your puppie, I bet she loves you for it :)
    Jan x