Friday, 24 July 2015

the last little one left ...

i have one remaining cat here from my mama cat Minka, well she is a descendant of Minka, about 3rd generation? i think, great granddaughter? if there is such a thing with cats?
B.J. is her name, has soft fur like Minka but only a spot of Minkas' colour on her, blended in all her gray.

i was crying too much to continue with my post, it is now a month or more since writing that little bit, here's some pictures of B.J. 

on her own pillow by the window

enjoying the sun
she is a funny thing now that she has me to herself, demands attention when i'm at the p.c. by standing up tall & leaning on my shoulder! for such a little cat she can stretch far! she sleeps on her pillow while i knit & sometimes she will come & want a bit of a cuddle on the chair next to me when i'm knitting, especially on cold days.
it will be sometime before i venture out & get myself anymore pets, even though i miss having many around me, it will have to wait til i can get a fence up.

hope everyone has a great weekend

thanx for visiting


  1. She is beautiful Selina - a real friend.

  2. Such a lovely little one Selina. Stirred memories of my Bonny. Enjoy her.

  3. HI Selena, Its always nice to meet a fellow cat lover. You must pop over to my blog and have a look at my Farm cats in my last post, they follow us around everywhere even in the snow, I was worried about their cold paws but they didn't seem to worry! I love your profile pic, that kitten is sooo cuute!
    Karen x