Thursday, 13 August 2015

comfort knitting

well, i've done nothing but knit since the passing of cuddles, it was too hard to garden without him, pushing me from one end to the other. 
i've thoroughly enjoyed it, i mostly made fingerless mittens to sell at our markets shop with a few headband/ear-warmers thrown in.

large brown mitts
2 headbands & cowl
finished mitts & headband

4x4 rib done on DPNs
beanie for a friend
made myself a beanie

made myself a cosy
medium size cosy (3-4 cup pot)

a cowl for another friend who gave me the wool

forgot to take a photo of finished mohair beanie
many items i forgot to take photos of the finished product, sorry! i made many mittens & thoroughly enjoy using the DPNs, getting in lots of practice for when i tackle the sock knitting. was also doing the mittens on straight needles too, as i had trouble keeping up with our stall, so could do 2 at a time on the straights.
i got fed up with my tea going cold & so quickly made a cosy, also made another one for our shop/stall, 3 beanies, one for me too & a lovely cowl for a lady who gave me the wool, i couldn't take it without at least making her something from it. i also helped out a friend by finishing her jumper for her which was for her partner.
finished , made from a denim cotton

B.J. stayed close the whole time i knitted this one


i'm still knitting, just picked up my daughter's cardigan again & redid the front bands & have pinned in the 2nd sleeve & started the collar again. as i had done some booboos there, will post photos of it a bit later.

what have you all got on your needles or hooks?

hope everyone is having a good week & keeping warm or cool

thanx for visiting


  1. Hello Selina, just popping in to catch up on your posts. Just wanted to say how deeply sorry I was to read about Cuddles - big lump in my throat as I type this. What a cherished cat & what a wonderful life he had with you & your daughter. So very sorry to read of his passing. Your knitted items are just beautiful - gosh how I WISH I could knit like that. Have a super weekend Selina. x x

    1. thanx!
      yes, he was cherished & a great companion, miss him terribly

  2. Very clever Selina - I love the matching pairs

  3. Wow - you have been busy, Selina and such beautiful work too. Maybe you could share with us a picture of your market stall site - I would love to see all your goodies on display.

    1. i'll try & remember to grab a pic tomorrow, it's remembering to do it is all. we do need some updated ones anyway

    2. & i forgot, sorry, we were quite busy, never even got a chance to sit down!

  4. Your knitting is just beautiful Selina!! I could never really take to knitting. Makes me want to go and get crocheting!! Lovely addiction :) Jan x