Sunday, 14 December 2014

basic necessity

one of our basic needs are cooking appliances, they're great when they are working, aren't they? we take them for granted until we don't have them when we need them. i ran out of gas late thursday arvo, right in the middle of cooking sausage & eggs! went & switched the bottles over & just had enough to finish cooking. ordered another bottle friday morning but it won't get delivered until monday. 
friend & neighbour dropped around this morning (saturday) with some shopping, we got to chatting & i asked if she knew anyone who had a camp stove, as i was trying to cook porridge under the griller! her hubby came around about 20minutes later sporting this...

am happy now that i can make brekky again.

thanx for visiting 


  1. Oh yes - we have two of these little gas cartridge burners. We keep one in the car so we can boil a kettle for picnics or do hot porridge breakfast when we are on a road trip. The other we keep for emergencies or if we are cooking outside for a crowd.

  2. Yes those little gadgets are a great idea. We have various other camping things we could use use in an emergency.

    Cant say I have ever run out of gas as hubby is very good at keeping the bottles up to date. There always is at least one full one sitting out there. We also have gas for other things, like bbq, pizza oven, caravan or camper trailer, so we could rob Peter to pay Paul so to speak.


    1. i can never seem to have 2 full bottles here, at $157. + $28p.a. rent now, they get a little expensive but still cheaper to run than electricity. will get one of the little burners i think, great to have on hand