Saturday, 20 December 2014

herbing about...

one of my new objectives this year has been to acquire more herbs, had a beautiful collection when i first came here which many of the more delicate herbs all died within months, (town water was very bad due to the drought) the rosemary survived, been carting it around from place to place for 30 years or more, just keep planting it in the places i've lived. 
the last couple of years i've wanted to get my collection going again, from joining in on the DTE forums peeked my interests in herbs again. they have a herb ally going there which mine is feverfew & i will post about that another time.
the feverfew has taken off & is flowering all through the front garden, it looks so happy! there is also oregano & lemon thyme & finally got the common thyme growing out the front too.

feverfew growing well out in the front garden

also have some tansy & comfrey growing out the front & a few comfrey in pots, just waiting to find some good spots to put them, they don't seem to survive very well in the heat here & struggle throughout the hot months. 

bought some new herbs & spices from Mudbrick Cottage, it's my favourite place to buy herbs from in queensland. thursday my 2 new additions arrived they are Lemon Verbena Aloysia triphylla (syn. Lippia citrodora) & Peppermint scented geranium Pelargonium Tomentosum. 

Lemon Verbena & Peppermint geranium

i would like to grow lots of different herbs, they are wonderful plants with many health benefits, they are not hard to grow, some are just a bit picky & so it's trial & error until you find the right places they like to grow.
so far have growing; parsley, basil, tansy, lemon & common thyme, (latter is growing wild out in the paddock) comfrey, aloe vera, mint, chives, oregano, nasturtiums, lavender lemon/rose scented geranium, wormwood, rosemary, catnip, calendular, marigolds & the 2 mentioned above. that's all i can remember at the moment, am just happy my list is growing. 

do you grow herbs?

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  1. Your herbs are looking very healthy - the recent rains have given them a kick start no doubt. The feverfew flowers are amazing, what a lovely photo of them.

  2. I have never heard of feverfew before - what is it used for?