Monday, 8 December 2014


WOW, what a storm we just had here, lasted for over an hour! 
no idea how much water fell as don't have a rain gauge but the lightning & thunder crashes had me & the animals ducking for cover! 
there was also a small mob of kangaroos that got caught out in it too, one got left behind, poor thing was terrified & didn't know which way to hop or move, her bubs in the pouch was crying too. just checked on her before, another joey had come back to her, calling out all the way down the hill till he had reached her. they seem settled now & have moved off.
honestly haven't had storm quite like that since the lightning xmas a few years ago, the whole house shook with every crack, flash & clash! scary stuff! 
now my house is wet, as i had open windows, some i got closed in time, others didn't, well lets just say it's very wet inside too...
sorry, didn't get any pictures, not sure if they would've turned out anyway, just glad that everything stayed intact.

& damn, i think the storm has done an about face as we just had a low crack of thunder, i'd better head off, just in case we have another blackout, will add more later!

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  1. Glad all is well for you after the storm, Selina. (Well after you mop up a bit near the open windows a least). It arrived here too but seems to have moved off now. I have a few tree branches down on the property but nothing that can't be cleaned up tomorrow.