Thursday, 18 December 2014

mowing season

after 4 days of rain & a little sunshine, the grass has turned most yards into a sea of green, long waving leaves giving us a little lush paradise if just for a short while.
there is no holding back, the loud growls of the backyard mowers going flat out before the next lot of rain. many will be on ride-ons, as most around here are on 1/2 to 1 acre house blocks.

mine is no exception...


some of which has now been mowed but i've still called in the cavalry to help me catch up, it's a big yard for me to do on my own at the moment, i even bought a new mower (last year) so i could do it myself, it just grows way too fast after the first rains, so the mower man is coming sometime next week. i usually have to get him in a few times for the whipper-snipping but this time there's mowing too. he also knows his trees so there is no mowing over anything native out in the paddock/yard.

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  1. You need some lovely geese to mow your lawn!

    1. if it was all fenced securely i would probably have grazers of some sort but there is a problem with domestic dogs killing livestock & pets here (mine were a victim in recent years)

  2. Wish I had that problem. No green grass here :)