Monday, 12 January 2015

after the rain

since the rain everything is lush, green & growing!

a couple of years ago my next door neighbour inspired me to do my gardens, his gardens are so colourful! my place was very bleak at the time, he gave me some seeds to start & allowed me to collect more as they came available. some have come up, the zinnias, a lovely yellow daisy, which has since died back, some dianthus also came up with lovely crimson flowers. not all the seeds came up, am hoping to get more from Green Harvest eventually.

Cosmos & Zinnias are as tall as i am! soon to burst into more flowers

 i love Zinnias & Cosmos, they are so easy to grow, they self seed readily & give you a beautiful show of flowers.

pretty pink Zinnia

i love lots of different flowers, roses, lilies, daisies, zinnias, cosmos, iris, dahlias, hippeastrum, agapanthus, flowering herbs, lot's more that i can't think of, etc, one day i will have lots & lots of variety out in the garden. went looking online for the 'granny bonnets', columbines i think they are, that rhonda has in her garden, so pretty! but alas there weren't any in season, so no seeds.

the beautiful 'Lily of the Nile' - agapanthus

what i want to do is slowly get these flowers growing in other areas of the gardens, under the trees & over on the west side for more colour. i also want to get various herbs growing in between too. so this will probably be a slow project for this year.

crocus, people around here call them storm lilies

Solanum crispum 'Glasnevin' potato vine
well that's just a little of whats growing in my front garden at the moment. will post more later as they come into flower. flowers keep me smiling.

i had some visitors who were a little surprised to see me so close. 

right out front of the window. never been this close to them. 

hope you all had a great weekend 

thanx for visiting


  1. Your photos are lovely Selina. Your zinnias are so pretty, I would love to have some more flowers growing and I will over time plant more, it is just hard to get new plants established in wallum country. If I had to pick just three activities in life and forego all others, the activities I think I would choose are gardening, reading and baking. I think it’s nice that you are planning on expanding your garden and a very good idea to do it gradually. Half the fun, I think, is in the planning. (Well it’s certainly not in the weeding :-0 ) I joined the DTE forum yesterday, it is the first forum I have joined and I have yet to have a look around in there. Also I downloaded google earth yesterday as I thought that might help be create a base site map for our property. I have no idea how to use that program either. So I have two new things to get stuck into and learn, when I have the time. My Diggers Club summer garden catalogue and my Fox Collection craft catalogue arrived in the post yesterday and I haven’t had the chance to open them as yet. Also I learnt how to crochet granny squares last week following along with a youtube video so I am trying to spend some time each day doing that as well. I am very slow at getting the squares done though. How is your knitting going?

    1. welcome aboard to the forum! you'll love it there. congrats on learning to crochet granny squares too.
      i always am slow & steady, with planting here have to be as more likely to lose the lot with trying to keep the water up to them. am hopeless at planning too, that is a slow learning progress for me too.
      knitting is getting there, inbetween the sweats, am a little way further, only about 5cm til the armholes now.

  2. Your garden is looking amazing after the rain, Selina. The flowers are beautiful and soooooo colourful. Love your new blog background too !!

    1. thanx blinky! am still trying to learn how all the little things work in here & found the backgrounds by accident

  3. How do you garden effectively with the roos eating your garden? Looks lovely despite this :-)

    1. the roos don't eat the garden, the hares do! lol no, they tend to trample things a little but overall they are not that destructive ( except to my poor young trees lol)

  4. I was also wondering how you coped with those roos around, Selina. Apparently Qld now has a rabbit problem so watch out. Between hares, rabbits, roos, flying foxes etc. hopefully we will be able to grow something in our gardens ;-) Love your flowers and new background. Just ask if you have any blogging questions. The forum is down at the moment for some reason but hopefully it will be back up soon.