Wednesday, 7 January 2015

they are family too

if you haven't gathered by the title of my blog, cats are my most favourite animals in the world & i used to have a lot of them...

was going to acquire a new addition to the family this month but decided against it as was worried something might happen to him. well the story there is about 18mths-2yrs ago i lost some of my fur-friends to domestic dogs (& all my chooks), i was devastated, what made it worse council wouldn't do anything about these roaming dogs! my beloved 'mummacat' Minka, was among them (she is on my FB timeline). i was a miserable wreck for over a year.
anyway, last year i thought it might be time i got myself another fur baby, to grow old with, my dd picked one up with me in mind (rescue) & was to be brought up this month. i've since changed my mind, i don't want to bring another animal here while i don't have any fences in place, 2 are left out of my original 7 (one died from snake bite) as gorgeous as the little guy is, i don't want to risk it. plus he seems so happy where he is, also dd's hubby has fallen for the little guy too. just couldn't break that up.

who could resist that face?

i mean really, look at those gorgeous eyes


it's no wonder my dd took him home & as soon as she showed him to me, i fell in love with him. look at those markings & his unusual colouring, part Abyssinian for sure? 

plus i really think he has settled right in at dd's place with her other two cats, Louis keeping him frisky, with her oldest cat Paris keeping them both in line.

Louis teaching him some wrestling tips

Peanuts keeping his eyes on the BOSS Paris

doesn't Paris look absolutely lovely wearing fur boots? dd gets him shaved every summer due to his really long coat. need to think about getting one of the ones here done too but he's never been shaved & is 14, might have a few issues getting that done, whereas Paris has been done since a kitten.

i'm sure i'm going the right way with leaving him in my dds' capable hands. think i will still help her out with feeding & vet visits what little i can, he is just too adorable to ignore.

i still miss my fur friends terribly, they are all buried down in the herb garden.

thanx for visiting

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