Thursday, 22 January 2015

the cat, knitting, & the pantry

my day started off nice & cool, lovely change from the humidity, spent the morning down at my local markets helping to re arrange & sort, we start up again this sunday, there will be more to do tomorrow. 
it started to rain when i came home (pouring hard as i write this) so thought i'd get into putting some of the cardigan i'm making for my 2nd dd together, got one side done & needed a break so started the sleeves til i was interrupted by someone wanting all the attention ...

my turn now

as you can see he is a little hard to resist & very insistent! every time i left & went back he would almost beat me to the table ready to jump up on there again, so i give up for now.

remember the pantry challenge? well i finally got mine finished yesterday. the shelves & walls were washed, (as far as i could reach) then left to dry for a few hours, by dinner time all was back in the pantry.

finally emptied

lots of containers waiting to be washed

then the final re organising with the empty tupperware all put at the far end, it's not great but a little better than it was, the herb rack is where it was before & all the flours & condiments are more accessible now.

everything put back 

empty containers up the far end

i also brought the other storage container in & rolled it under the shelf, it has all the pastas in it. 
it's not a very pretty pantry but at least for now it's practical.
just another job that needs to be done here some time in the future.

hope you all had a good week

thanx for visiting


  1. I have really enjoyed the last three days due to the cooler weather. Your cat is so beautiful Selina, and he looks pretty determined to stop you from getting at your knitting.

  2. Someone wants your attention :)

    Your pantry looks great Selina.


  3. I finished my pantry today, Selina. By the way I saw this article on Weatherzone about the increase in the number of butterflies

  4. thanx, yeh he is my DDs cat & he also talks a lot too
    interesting article thanx Nanna Chel

  5. I just love ginger cats, Selina. I have two "Harvey" and "OJ" - they are avid attention seekers too.

  6. Love the look on your cats face :D My cat Coco is always rolling in my yarn and falling asleep on my works in progress....Jan x

  7. We have two cats, one indoors and one outdoors. I just love cats and how they want you when they want you and when they don't, they ignore you. Our indoor cat belongs to my daughter and his name is Orange (can you tell a young child named him?). Our outdoor gal is named Muffaletta... Muffy for short. She belongs to my oldest son. She is wild and carefree and prefers to be outside.
    I too have been cleaning out things recently. It feels good to get things nice and tidy.

  8. Puss sure knows which side her bread is buttered on hey!?