Sunday, 18 January 2015

butterfly beauties

last week just after the rain there was a population boom of hundreds of blue & black butterflies here, before i did the mowing they were everywhere, masses are still in the chook pen where i haven't mowed, they like the wild (weedy) purple flowers that come up here.

there were hundreds of these, it was quite a sight

tried to get a close up

i think they are quite beautiful, there were some other butterflies hanging around but these took the floor.

thanx for visiting


  1. We've also had heaps of butterflies around this weekend. I heard on the news or weather report that the really hot weather is the cause. I am glad they enjoy the hot weather. I am melting away.

    1. so am i
      ohhh, didn't know that, love learning something new

  2. That is truly beautiful - that blue is unique.

  3. They are really lovely butterflies, Selina. I haven't noticed an increase here.

  4. Hi Selina. I am enjoying looking through your archives:) These blue and black butterflies are beautiful. We have many butterflies that visit our garden but I've only spotted this type once before. I wonder what kind it is?