Tuesday, 12 May 2015

R.I.P. Cuddles

Cuddles passed this afternoon sometime before 3pm, vet rang & told me he had a heart attack, they tried CPR but it failed.

sad news

my daughters' cat, Cuddles, (affectionately called 'the old man' by me) is in the vet hospital, with kidney failure, he crashed early last night after a couple of days being a bit sick, he came good the same afternoon, vets don't come out for small animals, i couldn't drive him in til this morning & sitting here now i'm a total mess, barely see what i'm typing. they have put him on iv fluids for now & hopefully he'll pick up after a few days (everything's crossed)
the final decision will be my daughters, i really don't want to make it if he isn't going to pull through but i will be there for him though, if it does go south 
will post more later on in the week

enjoying a bit of lap time (last winter)

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

UFOs challenge

recently some ladies on the DTE forum put up their UFOs & some dared others to show theirs, mmm, i have a few, not too many going, well at least that i know of...
a beanie (have 3 more to make of these) head/ear/neck warmers, coat hanger cover & still have my daughter's cardigan to finish as well.
are projects that i want to do, counted? i often wonder as i collect wool, when it comes on sale i grab it, intending to find a project for it too. i guess they could be UFOs in the making...

my UFOs, which 2 of are finished now

well, been a bit slow with this post, started it last week! i've since finished the headband & beanie! about to start new ones though.

thanx for visiting