Friday, 20 January 2017

gotta love country living ...

a couple of nights ago (1am-ish) i was heading for my shower & just when i was about to put my PJs on the basin something made me look down & before i knew it i was back out of the bathroom & halfway up the stairs, there on the floor was a huge snake! it was all dark & blurry (no glasses on) not knowing what type, i quickly raced back for my glasses (grabbed the phone too) it was proceeding back into the tub, a Night Python, only a small one at approximately 4-5' my heart was still pounding as i was trying to get a photo of it

disappearing in behind the wall in the bathroom
once my heart stopped racing & i settled down i proceeded with my shower, i couldn't get to sleep that night. 
it appeared the following day, late in the arvo looking a bit like it had had a feed with it's middle looking rather fat. 

next day think it got too hot inside the wall, see it's fat middle section?

well that was enough excitement for me for one week, i decided to close the kitchen door & leave the back door open so it could find it's way out. as far as i can tell it has gone. 
last year i kept getting carpet snakes in one of the water dishes, so i stopped having the dish there. there are plenty of rodents around here & is why they get attracted, have rats in the roof too, hopefully it got to those before it left.

been excruciatingly humid & hot here, expecting storms. hope everyone is keeping cool or warm in your neck of the world

thanx for visiting

Monday, 2 January 2017

a new year, a new look?

just thought it's a new year so a new look was in order. 
fiddled with my blog for almost an hour, not sure if i'm happy with it yet, wish i could understand how to put other images on it instead of just having the ones in blogger. there are no pet pictures in blogger & they changed how things are done too, so annoying especially when one hasn't mastered the old lol
so bear with me as i'll probably keep making changes til i get the look i'm after, i like to be casual in most things with a little country, old, &/or vintage (& cats) thrown in

it's raining softly here today & a mild 28`c, ahhh, it's so nice

B.J. this was back at end of winter

hope all made it through their new year celebrations 

thanx for visiting