Wednesday, 23 December 2015

dish cloths & holidays

knit, knit, knit & more knitting.  
making lots of dish cloths, they are so easy & quick to make, though i am starting to lean toward a thicker style, have had many say to me that mine aren't big enough which is true! i measured them they are almost less than half the size than the pattern says. i don't mind so much but that doesn't sell them. so i've been experimenting with needle sizes & different patterns, bought one ball of 10ply & the rest are double 8ply. am also realizing that a larger border keeps them more square too. a lot of mine tended to go lopsided. 
very much liking the 10ply rather than the doubled 8ply, will keep tweaking it with the needle sizes til i get them right. 

getting the thickness right with the Raindrops pattern

my all time favourite the Pebble dish cloth
had some fun with pictures

Halloween Cat was a quick knit too!

Coffee's hand towel also a quick knit
there were a lot more pebble dish cloths made I didn't put them all in here, also i grabbed the dish cloths i had at our market stall, will replace those with much bigger ones. 
for the double yarn i used 5.5mm knitting needles & got a nice soft thick cloth, some patterns were variations on the needle size, depending how it looked.

well that's all from me this side of xmas, am heading out to spend some time with my kids this year, will let you know all about it on the other side. (come home sunday)

wishing all my readers a very merry christmas & a happy new year, all stay safe over the silly season.

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