Monday, 11 December 2017

end of year ...


something fresh for the season & a totally different colour scheme for me... 
we have had some good rains here over the last couple of weeks, grass always needs cutting, had help from my friend Nev for the back plus planted 5 more trees.

Cats are all doing fine though wish BJ would settle down & stop fighting with Poppet.  

think i'm staying home this year, not sure what's happening with that as no one has said anything. 
renovations are still ongoing as far as i know, time permitting. no more updates there yet.

on the knitting front; still knitting socks, just finished another pair which one had to be redone as way too short, they now fit, wore them on Sunday & they proved to be very comfortable. will be starting another pair soon, probably boot socks next with much thicker yarn (8ply). i bought another sock class from craftsy, one of Ann Budds lessons, she has some different techniques which i'm hoping will be helpful in my bid to conquer the sock making lol. have to finish my sisters alpaca beanie so i can start a vest(?) maybe, haven't decided yet. am still knitting my sons jumper; most of the projects i have going will be a priority in the new year to get finished as i have plans to make lots of beanies next year for the markets... 

Poppet is doing well & doesn't go outside much yet

when i go outside for any length of time Miss Poppet tends to seek me out, think she may have a little bit of a security issue there perhaps, the feeling of being left behind. her weight is good now & she is having 2 meals a day, her face has totally cleared up, no swelling. Rita is still a little unsure about her but getting better.

that's my little bit of news for now, how is everyone doing, got plans for the christmas break? 

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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

just a sweet song ...

have had this song stuck in my head since i woke up this morning & thought i'd share, love his voice


hope everyone is cool/warm & safe in their neck of the world

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Saturday, 11 November 2017

Here's Poppet!

as promised more photos of the lovely Miss Poppet

i actually discovered a rather nasty big bump inbetween her eyes at top of her nose which i've been keeping an eye on, now at least i know why she turns away when you try to pat her head, am thinking she may have got caught on the trap door, it's easily missed cos of her colouring. 

a very curious young cat & wanting lots of affection, her colouring is gorgeous with a little bit of tabby stripes that you can just see in the 1st photo. 

this gorgeous girl was very curious & also affectionate

Poppet took over the bed the first night she was allowed out

cuddling up while knitting

loves the bed

ALL 3 cats on the bed with BJ at the back glaring daggers at Poppet

Rita "can i have my bed back mum?"

loving attention

absolutely loves Rita's smell, was rubbing herself silly in Rita's spot

hope everyone has had a great week & you're enjoying a relaxing weekend. 
stay safe & warm/cool in your neck of the world

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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

she's arrived!

Poppet arrived last night, DD1 brought her up, she has to spend her time lockecd up in a room mostly as my other two are not being the friendliest cats at the moment; i let her out every few hours for a wander around & a cuddle. will try to get photos soon.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Introducing Poppet - Miss Poppet


here are some much awaited photos of Poppet

she is very small & is being cared for by my eldest DD1.

in Cairns pound on deathrow

helping DD1 with the folding

visiting the vets for her vaccination

still helping to fold clothes  

adorable with her tongue out & getting comfy on DD1s bed lol

she is slowly putting on weight, she is not used to the food yet, we are waiting for her to toally dry up before she is desexed.

apparently she is craving affection & always wants pets & cuddles, she is settling down quite well. 

when DD1 asked me to think of names, i came up with 'Penny' at first then as we were chatting about her that clip of the ugly bloke out of the Pirates of the Carribean chasing 'Elizabeth through the house came to mind. POPPET! brilliant, suits her too. am going to go with Miss Poppet for her records. 
can't wait to get her here, it will be a little while yet, after her desexing. just hope Rita & B.J. will like her, it has taken B.J. months to get used to Rita.

DD1 will keep photos coming, she likes to keep me updated.

on another note we have had almost a good week of rain, ground is sopping now, so much water, thanx, that'll do us nicely! 

hope everyone is having a good week, stay happy & safe in your neck of the world.

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Monday, 16 October 2017

Rain, Rain, Rain, falling upon my head ....

g'day there!

as the title suggests it's raining, been raining since thursday ohhh & the ground so needed this soaking too.
it's lovely weather to just sit & knit or cozy up with a good book. 
no idea how much rain but we are getting puddles now & everything is green & you can see the grass growing! 

DD1 & SiL2 came up on the weekend SiL to do a bit more work to the house, he scored a new back door (free, building sites are so wasteful!) so that went up on saturday & so did some cornices. lovely DD1 crocheted some towel tops for me & her fundraiser, she was also happy with the dish cloths i made, sorry forgot to take a pic. 

on the rescue note, haven't got my photos off my phone yet but 'Poppet' arrived Saturday morning at my DD1s place, she is settling in & is very affectionate.

hope everyone is getting some of this rain, it's awesome!

stay safe & take care where ever you are

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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Socks & Cats


i have finished one sock in the BWM Pastel multi & i'm quite pleased with it, got all the decreasing right, 14sts on either side YAY! i kept the stitch markers in from when i did the gusset, swapped one out to a different colour & away i went!

even on top & bottom

then it came to do the kitchener stitch, not my favourite sewing by far, i do have a really easy YouTube tutorial that i have saved & she keeps it so simple!

I got near perfect toe this time! i was so chuffed!

i have cast on the second sock & hopefully it goes as smooth as the 1st, i just had to share my 'success'. 

will post more photos when i have finished the pair.

my DD1 rang me Friday & asked if i would make her some dish cloths for her fund raiser at the end of the month, of cos i said yes, so i've been madly knitting those since friday. photos when have a pile.


last night DD1 texted me with another request, to save a beautiful tortoiseshell cat that was up in Rockhampton pound on death row, ughhh how could i not? she had got herself caught in one of those cage traps & they discovered she has/had a litter of kittens somewhere but they couldn't find them, so sad, poor thing. well anyway she is on her way down here & will stay with my daughter til she is desexed & microchipped. i have a photo which i'll post when i get it off my phone. 
goodness & i still don't have a fence up & now i'm about to have 3 cats! 

i would like to one day help out with foster care for cats, there is such a need for it, so many rescuers are full & so many of the foster carers are overbrimming as well. i think giving them up will be the hardest thing lol i'll want to keep them all!

BJ still chases Rita when outside but is getting more friendly with her inside (about time!) how she is going to handle another cat? only time will tell, maybe she'll like this one? fingers crossed! 

hope everyone is keeping safe over in your neck of the world

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