Monday, 16 October 2017

Rain, Rain, Rain, falling upon my head ....

g'day there!

as the title suggests it's raining, been raining since thursday ohhh & the ground so needed this soaking too.
it's lovely weather to just sit & knit or cozy up with a good book. 
no idea how much rain but we are getting puddles now & everything is green & you can see the grass growing! 

DD1 & SiL2 came up on the weekend SiL to do a bit more work to the house, he scored a new back door (free, building sites are so wasteful!) so that went up on saturday & so did some cornices. lovely DD1 crocheted some towel tops for me & her fundraiser, she was also happy with the dish cloths i made, sorry forgot to take a pic. 

on the rescue note, haven't got my photos off my phone yet but 'Poppet' arrived Saturday morning at my DD1s place, she is settling in & is very affectionate.

hope everyone is getting some of this rain, it's awesome!

stay safe & take care where ever you are

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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Socks & Cats


i have finished one sock in the BWM Pastel multi & i'm quite pleased with it, got all the decreasing right, 14sts on either side YAY! i kept the stitch markers in from when i did the gusset, swapped one out to a different colour & away i went!

even on top & bottom

then it came to do the kitchener stitch, not my favourite sewing by far, i do have a really easy YouTube tutorial that i have saved & she keeps it so simple!

I got near perfect toe this time! i was so chuffed!

i have cast on the second sock & hopefully it goes as smooth as the 1st, i just had to share my 'success'. 

will post more photos when i have finished the pair.

my DD1 rang me Friday & asked if i would make her some dish cloths for her fund raiser at the end of the month, of cos i said yes, so i've been madly knitting those since friday. photos when have a pile.


last night DD1 texted me with another request, to save a beautiful tortoiseshell cat that was up in Rockhampton pound on death row, ughhh how could i not? she had got herself caught in one of those cage traps & they discovered she has/had a litter of kittens somewhere but they couldn't find them, so sad, poor thing. well anyway she is on her way down here & will stay with my daughter til she is desexed & microchipped. i have a photo which i'll post when i get it off my phone. 
goodness & i still don't have a fence up & now i'm about to have 3 cats! 

i would like to one day help out with foster care for cats, there is such a need for it, so many rescuers are full & so many of the foster carers are overbrimming as well. i think giving them up will be the hardest thing lol i'll want to keep them all!

BJ still chases Rita when outside but is getting more friendly with her inside (about time!) how she is going to handle another cat? only time will tell, maybe she'll like this one? fingers crossed! 

hope everyone is keeping safe over in your neck of the world

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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

a little relief from the heat

sunday 1st October was a windy day & another hot one but not quite as hot as the previous days which were 39`c inside my house & probably 40-41`c+ outside, most of last week was like that, that is summer temperatures! in spring! even i was complaining about it, there was no gentle transition just straight to hot. 
we had rain late sunday night, which was such a relief as we haven't had rain here for months & many tanks were getting very low, i only have a 2000g@ & it was below half! i don't depend on it as i'm hooked up to the town water but rain water tastes so much better.
it rained steady all day monday which was just great & a nice surprise, today it was overcast but the rain has gone for now & the temperatures should be back to the high 20s (fingers crossed) 

bunderberg apparently had some flash flooding, hope all are safe & well up there (only 2hrs from here) 

so there has been a bit of rain getting around the place with different areas getting some. 

well that's all from me here;  hope everyone is safe & well 

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Saturday, 23 September 2017

something new ...


a little while ago i bought myself some plain merino sock wool, i wanted to have a go at dyeing it,  with mulberries.
i was late up today but thought bugga it, i'm going to dye the wool today, i found good simple instructions here , very simple. 
 i was a little nervous when it came to putting the wool into the hot dye but it all went very well (unlike some of my other projects namely soaps!)

2. cook mulberries & salt

1. soak the wool while mulberries are cooking

3. the first colouring after a minute
4. looking good

5. drip drying out on line for almost 2 hrs
6. almost dry, finishing off in the bathroom

there, all in pictures, i had some fun & was pleased with the result.
it went out on the line as there was a lot of water to drip out of it, i turned it around about 3/4hr later so the bottom was at the top.
there's a nice little bit of variation in it, am loving the colour, will do another photo once i roll it up & of course when i've made the socks too.

mmm, wonder how coffee would go as a dye? 

i buy all my pure wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills Australia, they often have specials throughout the year. i'm a sucker for specials, especially when it's wool!

has anyone else had a go at dyeing?

hope everyone is doing well in their neck of the world & are safe 

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Thursday, 10 August 2017

A Reserve!

g'day there! 

we have crown land across the road from us & council has been tidying it up of late, got a little curious as to 'why'? as you know often when they clean up their land it's usually put up for sale & 'whammo' a new estate has gone in before you know it.
not this time however, they are turning it into a reserve to continue on & join up with the koala corridor! about bloody time! they are getting rid of all the horrible pom pom trees that grow here (pest) & are going to put in more koala friendly trees, am even loosing the big tree out on my vestige/curb, can't wait.


 the renovation of the front room is almost complete thanx to my son, SiL & family friend, just need sanding & painting now. 

old ceiling came off, there's now insulation up there

this was done when i had tin put on the outside, it has now got new boards

this wall almost fell out! SiL had to put a few nails up the side 

even the floors got pulled up, we will decide later on flooring

all boarded up, it has been plastered since this photo was taken

i will have some photos later as more work is done, it's looking good & feels great.

the laundry also got cemented the same weekend they did the front room

SiL up to his gumboots in cement

the laundry has since had a make over as well with all new insulation & new boards.
not so many drafts blow through anymore, makes the house just that little bit warmer.
have yet to get an electrician in to do the wiring & then it all just needs a sand & painting. then it'll be onto the next room.


in other news, Rita has been spayed/neutered & micro-chipped, almost 3 weeks now. will probably take about 6-12mths for her to settle down & stop wandering.

i also have a new phone which i'm still learning how to use, as yet haven't figured out how to take the photos off & get them on the PC yet.


the surveyor came today & i now have marked borders, am very happy about that, only one of the old fences was on the border, the rest are way out, one is from just over one metre down the bottom & over 2 metres up at the top, a big difference & so glad i didn't go ahead with just winging the fence plus my neighbour has offered to pay for half of his, it's great, now to save up some more moneys.

hope everyone is staying cool or warm in their neck of the world! 

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Thursday, 1 June 2017

my place

i know it's been a long time between posts of late but not a lot happens here, one day blurs into the next most weeks.
i knit & i am also trying to teach myself some new crochet stitches, yesterday i learned how to do the Half Double crochet, so will make a few dish cloths with that one, some straight up & some in a 'granny square' style too.
am still knitting my sons jumper, that one will probably take me awhile, what with all the other projects i have as well. 

well, i thought i would show a little of my place seeing as someone asked, it's not much & over the years not much has survived here, i give up then i try again to get trees to grow here, these photos are back in March not long after i mowed the whole back (when i was badly burned) i have about one & half acres total, the house sits on almost an acre.

this is the half acre looking up the small hill am right near the fence here

looking up towards neighbours house (on right)

looking up towards my house, the bushy mess to the left here is the chook yard

in March on the day of these photos i planted two trees, a yellow & a red kabala (spelling? couldn't find it in the native list on google, too many!) they are supposed to do well in poor soils.
i have since planted another 3 natives down there, a candle nut & a bumpy ash, but all are natives, hopefully they will do well. i'll be putting the odd large fruiting trees in as well like avocados.
today i finally got onto a fencer who is coming out Monday to look & measure & give me a quote, this is my 5th attempt. yay! 

today i'm mowing............................ again

the weekend gone i had my sons come up & start some renovations for me, my sweet eldest has been putting money away to do work on my house, instead of birthday or mother's day presents. i think that is absolutely wonderful! i've asked if i can contribute too but it will have to wait until i've done the fence.
the laundry was cemented, looks great, it's still to get tiles put down but needed to be level with the toilet & bathroom. one front bedroom had all the old walls & ceiling taken down & nice new plaster boards put up, it's still ongoing, needs all the joins plastered. can't wait to see it all finished. SiL also put in new power point boxes to be wired in later. it's also fully insulated, so it will be warm as toast or cool as a cucumber  :))

i planted the other 3 trees a couple of weeks ago & had a little help

Rita Skeeta helping with the holes 

that's my news for now, i will try to get some photos to show of the recent renovations, (my son posted them on FB as well).

hope everyone is well in your neck of the world

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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Easter been & gone

my eldest came up for almost 3 days over Easter, it was wonderful! 
on Saturday we made (or rather she did with help from me) candles & soap. on a previous visit long time ago (far, far, away) DD1 brought up some melted wax, which i added to my ever growing pile, there was almost a full tin. so on Easter Saturday we got out the pot & started the wax. i collected all the votive containers & a couple of jars with lids too, took close to an hour to melt all the wax & put it into the containers. 

they sunk like souffle` once they started drying

then we got down to the soap making, she got out the scales, weighed everything up & i set to stirring the lye, while she got the oils combined then we stirred the lye into the oils, we made Rhonda's soap recipe out of her first book Down To Earth. DD1 brought up the lye & calendula oil, i had all the other oils, made plain soap for me & she made the calendula soap for herself, mine had gone off but we swapped a couple of bars. the mixtures hardened really fast, took hers out within a few hours, mine was in a loaf tin so took longer, did it before going to bed the same night, just as well too, it was so hard it was difficult to cut.

lovely creamy soap that turned out! 

i really enjoyed making the items with eldest daughter, it was quite satisfying when everything turned out too, compared to my last 2 attempts to make soap this 
felt really good. 
i hope we do it again soon. 

i gave her one of my old plant stands to take home & her hubby is in the process of doing it up, can't wait to see it finished & in use once again. 

this post was a little late as Easter was last week but i hope everyone had a lovely Easter break 

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Monday, 27 March 2017

wandering kitty


sunday, yesterday, at our markets one of our neighbours was having a chat about a kitty who had wandered into her sons place (he's her neighbour also) he looked after it for just over a week. his cat didn't like it one bit & was totally stressing out, they had asked all round town if anyone had lost a black kitten, but no one had. am guessing she could be from a feral family as there were quite a few around before council got to them. 
well anyway, our neighbour had exhausted herself trying to find where it came from & said they were looking for a home for it instead, i came in on the end of the chat & said "who do you need a home for?" she said a beautiful black kitten that was a few months old. i said, "i'll take it." well she threw her arms around me in a huge hug! "we'll bring him/her around later in the arvo", me, "great! "

so now i have this little critter running around my house ...

sorry it's not a great pic but she shot off secs after it was taken

she was so hard to take a photo of this arvo when i got home, running around, rolling over & shooting off to god knows where then back again! doing circles around me, had so many blurry photos or blanks

well she is not named yet, am having a bit of trouble feeding her, had to buy all tinned food (yuk) but she wouldn't touch the raw mince, at all. mmm.

so much for the promise i'd made myself, not to get anymore animals/pets til i had a fence up ...

well she is adorable, has the most beautiful amber eyes, is not all black, has a spot on her chest & a streak between her back legs on her lower belly. 
extremely affectionate, very talkative & passes out quite easily once she has exerted herself lol


craft day again today & another lady brought in a quilt top she was working on
for a friends birthday, she actually called it a "friendship quilt" 

some of the projects the ladies bring in are quite amazing, this one has only been quilting for 3 years. it has hearts all around it (i thought they were shamrocks when i first saw it) she was putting the edging in by hand. 

well that's my news for the moment, not much doing except for mowing & more mowing, the neighbour hood is noisy with all the mowers going. love the smell of cut grass.

hope everyone has had a good week & looking forward to the next one, hope you're all safe, warm or cool in your part of the world

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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Busy Bee Craft Group

every second Monday we have our group here in Kilkivan & every other Monday over in Goomeri. i came back to it late last year, thought seeing as i sit & knit on Monday anyways why not do it in company? (i knit everyday actually)

thought you might all enjoy some of what the ladies are making, they tend to swap their crafts out from week to week, & i thought i had too many projects going!

first up the dazzling butterfly quilt, my camera phone isn't doing the colours justice here, it's actually quite bright, she has matched the butterflies to the patchwork pieces around the borders.

next is some colourful Candle wicking

sorry, it was hard to get a good photo of this, it is to be another quilt

this is a cushion cover for a friend & it's in cross stitch

another lady was doing some very cute animal embroideries, think this is a quilt too.

we have a Pumpkin festival coming up in May & there's a small competition going with a pumpkin scene of course!

here is another using up scraps of material & then just doing many running stitches in all directions, says it's very soothing.

these are teeny, tiny hexagons, that's a pair of applique` scissors i left there so you could see the size, she is making these into flower blocks then those into a queen size quilt! 

this last one is a very colourful Bavarian blanket, a few of the ladies make them & donate them to elderly nursing homes in the area.

hope you enjoyed the pictures of one of my days out, i myself am knitting a sweater & will post it up when i have a fair bit more done. 

do you go to a group? for a day out to socialize, to learn a new skill? 

we finally got a bit of rain last night, need a lot more yet

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Friday, 24 February 2017


BJ is not much for cuddles, doesn't really like hugs either but she loves to snuggle up to you for pets, have started brushing her as well, she seems to be having a little trouble grooming herself lately, perhaps her tongue is wearing out?
when i sit & knit she is never too far away & some days, she just, well, she just has to snuggle!

sweet little BJ, i didn't get a lot of knitting done on this morning 

well our weather has cooled slightly, though still having high humidity, & still waiting on some rain ...

hope everyone is well & happy, cool or warm in your neck of the woods

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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Scorching heat

g'day folks

ohhh my, this past week has been something with the high temperatures hasn't it? yesterday got up into the low 40s but today was the big one! they predicted for temperatures in the 40s but i bet they weren't expecting it to get so high, i decided to take my thermostat outside to see how hot it was 

this was at 11am it was 46`c outside

55`c at 2:45pm outside! 
in my kitchen at 11am it was 35`c & at 2:45pm it was 41`c, i came through it quite well considering i have been suffering a bit with the darn menopause but today i wasn't having an episode, kept myself hydrated. 
had the sprinkler going outside & a couple of young kangaroos were looking quite heat distressed, stood under the sprinkler getting quite a soaking, so i left it on & moved it around so it watered pots & the roos.

hope everyone survived this heat today, from what i've seen on the forecasts there's no relief til next week, expected to be another hot one tomorrow too.

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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

learning to make socks & a forgotten post

finally learned to make socks! i was so thrilled at finally finishing one sock! until i tried to get it on my foot! it was too small  :(   talk about a sudden downer, with all the encouragement from the ladies at the DTE forum, i'm rearing to go on the next one ... with bigger needles. was told it may take several pairs before i get it. it was nice & comforting to know that they all had failures with their first socks too.

this is my finished sock but it is way too small,  will start the next one but keeping it plain

the plumber also came today & i now have a tap down on the other block, he's coming back Friday to finish off the grey water pipeline & then i'll have water for my future orchard. starting to feel very happy again  :)

ohhh & this post (below) i meant to post a fortnight ago & totally forgot i had it waiting in the drafting room!

<<<mowing & burned  ...

Monday 2 weeks ago, seeing that it was a bit cooler & nicely overcast, some mowing was in order, so out i went at 9am & started mowing the top half of my half acre down the back. it's divided into 2 halves, quarter acre each approximately. the top half i leave for my neighbours horses as it slopes & isn't easy to mow but this time round it needed some mowing. it took me almost 4 hours! i had a break in the middle then went back out after 20mins, it was still a nice day with a cool breeze blowing. i did manage to finish the top half. 
it's hard going especially as i'm so unfit! you see i do it all with a push mower as i'm not keen on the ride-ons, they mow way too short (some even take it all off at dirt level!) i like to mow the back with some height, it still leaves a bit for the  'roos, hares & parrots to eat plus i have lots of thyme, gota-cola & a few flowering wild plants growing & these struggle to get going after a ride on has been through. 
after the Mondays effort, when i came in i realized that i was burned, sun burned on my arms, face & neck, something which hasn't happened in a long time. i was badly burned so after dousing myself under the shower i went out & got myself some aloe vera & smothered myself in that & after all my showers. my sister suggested i should wear a shirt, never thought of that, i will have to pick my times of mowing to be in the cool of the afternoons when there's a bit of shade. the mozzies made a meal out of my arms as well & i looked diseased with ruddy huge welts all over my arms! well i guess that's what i get for getting myself cooked! anyway Wednesday i mowed the bottom quarter, with a shirt on this time, all went well, took less time than the top, it's all looking good now it's mowed. 
still got the house acre to do yet, in some places the grass is chest high! it's good exercise.>>>

i'm all okay now, had some issues with going outside with my sensitive skin but once that hardened off it was good. still turn bright pink with the heat but that'll pass too.

the weather really is hot here, humidity is high & it's extremely uncomfortable most days, gosh i wish it would just rain already! 
we're supposed to be getting above 40s for the weekend, hope it brings storms with it!

hope everyone is keeping cool or warm in your neck of the world

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Friday, 20 January 2017

gotta love country living ...

a couple of nights ago (1am-ish) i was heading for my shower & just when i was about to put my PJs on the basin something made me look down & before i knew it i was back out of the bathroom & halfway up the stairs, there on the floor was a huge snake! it was all dark & blurry (no glasses on) not knowing what type, i quickly raced back for my glasses (grabbed the phone too) it was proceeding back into the tub, a Night Python, only a small one at approximately 4-5' my heart was still pounding as i was trying to get a photo of it

disappearing in behind the wall in the bathroom
once my heart stopped racing & i settled down i proceeded with my shower, i couldn't get to sleep that night. 
it appeared the following day, late in the arvo looking a bit like it had had a feed with it's middle looking rather fat. 

next day think it got too hot inside the wall, see it's fat middle section?

well that was enough excitement for me for one week, i decided to close the kitchen door & leave the back door open so it could find it's way out. as far as i can tell it has gone. 
last year i kept getting carpet snakes in one of the water dishes, so i stopped having the dish there. there are plenty of rodents around here & is why they get attracted, have rats in the roof too, hopefully it got to those before it left.

been excruciatingly humid & hot here, expecting storms. hope everyone is keeping cool or warm in your neck of the world

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Monday, 2 January 2017

a new year, a new look?

just thought it's a new year so a new look was in order. 
fiddled with my blog for almost an hour, not sure if i'm happy with it yet, wish i could understand how to put other images on it instead of just having the ones in blogger. there are no pet pictures in blogger & they changed how things are done too, so annoying especially when one hasn't mastered the old lol
so bear with me as i'll probably keep making changes til i get the look i'm after, i like to be casual in most things with a little country, old, &/or vintage (& cats) thrown in

it's raining softly here today & a mild 28`c, ahhh, it's so nice

B.J. this was back at end of winter

hope all made it through their new year celebrations 

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