Friday, 24 February 2017


BJ is not much for cuddles, doesn't really like hugs either but she loves to snuggle up to you for pets, have started brushing her as well, she seems to be having a little trouble grooming herself lately, perhaps her tongue is wearing out?
when i sit & knit she is never too far away & some days, she just, well, she just has to snuggle!

sweet little BJ, i didn't get a lot of knitting done on this morning 

well our weather has cooled slightly, though still having high humidity, & still waiting on some rain ...

hope everyone is well & happy, cool or warm in your neck of the woods

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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Scorching heat

g'day folks

ohhh my, this past week has been something with the high temperatures hasn't it? yesterday got up into the low 40s but today was the big one! they predicted for temperatures in the 40s but i bet they weren't expecting it to get so high, i decided to take my thermostat outside to see how hot it was 

this was at 11am it was 46`c outside

55`c at 2:45pm outside! 
in my kitchen at 11am it was 35`c & at 2:45pm it was 41`c, i came through it quite well considering i have been suffering a bit with the darn menopause but today i wasn't having an episode, kept myself hydrated. 
had the sprinkler going outside & a couple of young kangaroos were looking quite heat distressed, stood under the sprinkler getting quite a soaking, so i left it on & moved it around so it watered pots & the roos.

hope everyone survived this heat today, from what i've seen on the forecasts there's no relief til next week, expected to be another hot one tomorrow too.

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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

learning to make socks & a forgotten post

finally learned to make socks! i was so thrilled at finally finishing one sock! until i tried to get it on my foot! it was too small  :(   talk about a sudden downer, with all the encouragement from the ladies at the DTE forum, i'm rearing to go on the next one ... with bigger needles. was told it may take several pairs before i get it. it was nice & comforting to know that they all had failures with their first socks too.

this is my finished sock but it is way too small,  will start the next one but keeping it plain

the plumber also came today & i now have a tap down on the other block, he's coming back Friday to finish off the grey water pipeline & then i'll have water for my future orchard. starting to feel very happy again  :)

ohhh & this post (below) i meant to post a fortnight ago & totally forgot i had it waiting in the drafting room!

<<<mowing & burned  ...

Monday 2 weeks ago, seeing that it was a bit cooler & nicely overcast, some mowing was in order, so out i went at 9am & started mowing the top half of my half acre down the back. it's divided into 2 halves, quarter acre each approximately. the top half i leave for my neighbours horses as it slopes & isn't easy to mow but this time round it needed some mowing. it took me almost 4 hours! i had a break in the middle then went back out after 20mins, it was still a nice day with a cool breeze blowing. i did manage to finish the top half. 
it's hard going especially as i'm so unfit! you see i do it all with a push mower as i'm not keen on the ride-ons, they mow way too short (some even take it all off at dirt level!) i like to mow the back with some height, it still leaves a bit for the  'roos, hares & parrots to eat plus i have lots of thyme, gota-cola & a few flowering wild plants growing & these struggle to get going after a ride on has been through. 
after the Mondays effort, when i came in i realized that i was burned, sun burned on my arms, face & neck, something which hasn't happened in a long time. i was badly burned so after dousing myself under the shower i went out & got myself some aloe vera & smothered myself in that & after all my showers. my sister suggested i should wear a shirt, never thought of that, i will have to pick my times of mowing to be in the cool of the afternoons when there's a bit of shade. the mozzies made a meal out of my arms as well & i looked diseased with ruddy huge welts all over my arms! well i guess that's what i get for getting myself cooked! anyway Wednesday i mowed the bottom quarter, with a shirt on this time, all went well, took less time than the top, it's all looking good now it's mowed. 
still got the house acre to do yet, in some places the grass is chest high! it's good exercise.>>>

i'm all okay now, had some issues with going outside with my sensitive skin but once that hardened off it was good. still turn bright pink with the heat but that'll pass too.

the weather really is hot here, humidity is high & it's extremely uncomfortable most days, gosh i wish it would just rain already! 
we're supposed to be getting above 40s for the weekend, hope it brings storms with it!

hope everyone is keeping cool or warm in your neck of the world

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