Tuesday, 2 June 2015

for our beloved fur babies...

after losing the old man (Cuddles) i didn't really feel like being here much. did you know we are literally killing our beloved pets by feeding them commercial foods? i stopped feeding it a few years ago but the damage was already done, it's irreversible. so, if all my other pets had survived they would all suffer the same fate, renal failure, kidney failure & all that goes with it.
did you know that cats are descendant from a desert animal? they are still pretty much the same as their wildcat ancestors. Cat , they get all their moisture from their foods, even after being domesticated they still have this unique system of getting their moisture from the food they eat, so cooked food is not the best option but way better than dry food. dry food shouldn't even be considered, it's giving your cat a slow death as they really can not digest this food. like most of us i was ignorant & fed all this to mine, thought they were getting good nutrition. boy was i wrong.
this website "Feeding Your Cat" is a really good read, she/he also recommends good canned food over dry food provided there's nothing else in it than meat (no grains or vegies) but i would still give them fresh as often as possible. 
Feline Nutrition is another good read & site. this one i have found to be most helpful as they say cats should only eat raw meat.
have also put them both on my sidebar under the 'helpful links'. 

i hope this has helped anyone wondering about this disease in our beloved cats, when i was at the vets he also said that domestic cats were the only sufferers of this debilitating disease, so i guess it is from the food we give them, so, i say to you don't be fooled into buying canned with all the trimmings, just plain & simple is all they need, no added salt, sugars, vegies, grains, etc, if you must feed canned food & try not to give them any dry food at all, this is what will start them down the road for renal failure in their future (some are born with the disease too) be sure to treat them with some fresh & let them kill hares, rats & mice, it's good for them.
p.s. they also need to eat grass, it helps with the hairballs 

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