Saturday, 31 December 2016

back home again

came home late last night, my eldest & hubby are here to spend the weekend too. 
we had a wonderful christmas with all my children together again, (sorry forgot to take photos!) everyone contributed to food, middle daughters hubby even made delicious fruit mince pies! the day was enjoyed by all.

we're in for a scorcher this weekend, though there looks to be storms on the horizons, some good drenching rain just might cool things off here. i don't have air conditioning here so the eldest & hubby are literally dying in the heat, (SiL has gone to lay down in the car so he can have air con)

anyway, here's hoping you all have a safe & happy new year 

Fireworks background - new years eve 6

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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

am off to spend christmas with my eldest again this year, she is having it at her place with all the family pitching in, will be down there for a week, coming back just after new year. 

hope all my bloggers have a wonderful safe christmas & a happy new year, look forward to reading you all again in 2017

i will leave you with some xmas cheer

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Thursday, 15 December 2016

't'is the silly season yet again ...

well it's that time of year again when the people go mad vying for parking spots at the shopping centres & running around grabbing last minute presents. total mayhem. 

this year my children are doing secret santa to a list of choices which is a sensible idea if there must be presents, i prefer hand made if possible or just a lovely get together with family. 

i have been been making some small items for family, friends & neighbours in the way of dish cloths, everyone is getting a Bavarian dish cloth, simple & usable. i tend to make things all year to give away it's just how i do things.

anyway here's a stack of cloths i managed to finish & am now starting some black & coloured ones for the men to which will be added some lovely shaving soap from Eight Acres 


these are so easy & quick to whip up that i'll do a few more after xmas for our market stall when it starts up again in the new year.

hope everyone is keeping cool here in Australia as we struggle through these heatwaves, hope all my American readers are staying warm & cozy as the snow starts to fall

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