Saturday, 21 February 2015

windy, wet & wild

no. am not advertising a theme park ...

that is pretty much the description of how our night was here, the house shook with the wild, wet winds, it was roaring here, the dog was restless, getting up & bumping into walls, doors & furniture (poor love is almost blind) i was up continuously checking on on her, in the end i dragged her bedding & her into my room, she seemed to settle down then, when the winds finally died down & all i could hear was the rain falling on the roof. relief.
this mornings view was a lot of pools of water laying everywhere & when walking down to do the girls, my boots were sloshing through about an inch of water, we got a lot of rain dumped on us last night. half expected debris around but no, think we were lucky, i left sheets on the line & they were still there, a little spattered with mud & one was wound around the lines but otherwise all in one piece.

hope everyone came out unscathed as tc marcia hit the coast & went to ground

the sun is trying to shine now.

thanx for visiting

Monday, 16 February 2015

saved, cute little distractions

was getting into my garden this morning, thinning out all the cosmos that are growing so thick & also another bush that gets a pretty little speckled purple flower. it was a beautiful day for gardening, the cat, Cuddles had joined me & we were having a lovely chat when all of a sudden i hear 'screaming' turned around to look at the cat & he had a small furry object in his mouth squirming about which i promptly managed to get off him without harming it any further. turned to walk out of the garden & 2 steps over came across another little furry bundle, so picked it up & had 2 of them to figure out what to do with, gosh, couldn't put them back as the cat was trying to climb my leg to get to them as it was, so rang a friend & she said a wildlife carer should take them

this one was trying to get away after almost being the cats morning tea
aren't they just too cute?
it's the first hare i've been able to save from the cat, usually they don't make it. 

i am thinking of extending the rocks & logs i have out in the garden so they have a bit more of a hidey hole to rest in while mum & dad go foraging. already have a bundle out there that is housing the bromeliad & some cordylines, will post about it when i do it later, another day.
they've been picked up & i said that it's okay to release them back here when they are ready.

hope you enjoyed these cute little furry bundles as much as i did

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Saturday, 14 February 2015

i can do this

it is one craft i don't do but need to learn, with reading rhonda's forum & blog i have started pondering the idea of sewing, even buying fabrics (sometimes boxes of odds & ends) because i think i might do it one day. hah! who am i kidding? me sew? 
i don't sew that's just it, i don't, it's hard enough when i need to 'sew' up my knitted jumpers, why on earth would i put myself through the pain of trying to work out how to sew other things like garments? mmm? it's torture, it really is, my mind just doesn't comprehend it. 
the weird thing is i have a 'want to do it' feeling for sewing lately? go figure ... 
(i do love the look of patchwork though)

about 2 years ago my daughter & i got in & started aprons, i pinned & cut she sewed, that was easy, she loves sewing too, so that was also easy, (she used an old machine) we never got them finished then, but DD finished hers last year & mine is still folded up in a bag somewhere waiting for the finishing touches, which i might attempt after my little sewing exercise i'm trying to do now.
you see i brought home from our markets a little half apron that we use as a 'money apron' has 'two pockets' (sewn up the middle of one large one) it's past it's use by date, someone had even stapled the bottom of it together!

the bottom had been stapled together to stop money from falling out
so, in my mind i thought how hard could it be to copy it? all they had done to make it in the first place was fold a piece of material over to make the pocket section & sewn up the sides? well .....
started the hem
almost done

hem complete
it took me almost a week to get it to even look like an apron, many youtubes later & still none the wiser on how to sew but am getting there, even went to the trouble of having a go at embroidering on the pockets, (been reading Jenny's wonderful blog ) i wanted to do some applique` but couldn't find any suitable patterned material

having a go at embroidery
 as i said earlier i don't sew but i wanted to help out & i thought this would be an easy way of getting my 'sewing' off the ground & started, plus rhonda's always saying that challenging ourselves to learn new crafts is what simple life is all about, bring about the home skills lost to us over the last few decades of consumerism & what not ...

attempting borders

i'm almost there, with the apron that is, have sewn on some borders & is now pinned & ready.  
i had a dream of a memory a few weeks back to when i had made a small patchwork cushion, (under the supervision of my best friend) this has helped immensely as i suddenly feel a little more confident in the sewing now. 
i still haven't finished this little money apron, did get those yellow borders finished but will post the finished apron as soon as i can get it done.

hope you are all having a great weekend

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