Thursday, 27 August 2015

knitting neat edges

g'day again

thought i'd write about knitting a nice neat edge on an item, this is new to me & only read of it since finding Rhondas' blog & forum. there are a few who do this & i'm a new convert, it takes a conscious effort i must admit as i've knitted without for 30 odd years & breaking this habit is taking a bit of doing, even getting the odd headache but the result is well worth it! 
been practicing on the mittens i do on the straights, certainly makes sewing the seams up less painful lol.

see the nice smooth edge?
this edge is done by slipping the first stitch, using whichever stitch is there, if knit, slip knit wise, if purl, slip purl wise & i must say it looks very professional. though as i mentioned before i have to make a conscious effort to do it, so if you're a new knitter, it's probably a good idea to get into the habit now, then it will become 2nd nature to you.

am quite pleased with the smoothness of the edge, i know it doesn't look like much in the photos but it does make a big difference or am hoping it will to the look of the finished garment, which i hope to show you soon.

been warm here & really looks like spring has sprung early, hope everyone is having a good week, keeping cool or warm in your part of the world

thanx for visiting


  1. I have been doing this for a while too, Selina. It certainly makes a difference but as you said it takes a while for it to become second nature while you are knitting. Am looking forward to the finished pic.

  2. This is such a great tip! It really does make a huge difference, doesn't it?? Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog yesterday, it's been wonderful meeting lovely new people through Rhonda's blog. I look forward to reading through your writing today with a cup of coffee.

  3. looks lovely! Knitted items are so beautiful, I look forward to seeing the result.