Thursday, 9 June 2016

an amazing view

am totally slack with my blog of late but found this link on another blog & thought it well worth the post, we live on an amazing planet & these are seen from space


Tim Peake British ESA astronaut and test pilot. Part of Expedition 46/47 on the International Space Station, launched 15 December 2015.


  1. Good to see you back again, Selina. I will check out that link. Sounds interesting. Thanks.

  2. Hi Selina, Lovely to pop over to your blog and see a new post:) Loved the photos of our beautiful Earth on the link your shared. I once shared very famous "Earthrise" photo (taken in 1968) with group of older children I was working with and it really challenged their perspective. We are so used to seeing the sun or the moon but not our own little blue planet, small and surrounded by the darkness of space. Here is a link to the photo and a video (from NASA) of how that photo came to be. Meg:)

    1. wow, that was amazing, thanx for sharing!

  3. These beautiful photos remind us of how fragile and precious our Earth is. Thanks Selina!

  4. Hi Selina, just popped over for a "visit". Those photos you have shared are just amazing, thanks for the link. Have a great weekend Selina.