Thursday, 20 December 2018

a little sadness


i just finished sprinkling snap dragon seeds on top of a little grave, B.J.s grave, who died Wednesday 19th December 1:30pm almost 17 years old, a little gray tortoiseshell with attitude, her last 2yrs with dementia.

R.I.P. little one @2003 - 19-12-2018


  1. So sorry to read of your loss. They leave a big gap in our lives when they pass away; they’re part of our family in so many ways. My 17 year old cat, Eduardo died back in September; we still expect to hear him meowing for his dinner, or waiting at the back door. Hugs

  2. She looks so sweet. She had a nice long life with you. My condolences...

    1. thanx
      it's an earlier photo of her, about two years ago maybe 3? i did take some photos in her final days but my sister said they were very distressing, so won't be showing those, instead will just put them in her file.

  3. Oh gosh Selina, I felt so sad to read this about little BJ. What a wonderful life she would've had with you though & how lovely to have the snapdragons to flower & remind you of her. Take care Selina, its always so sad when our furry friends pass on. Thinking of you, Xxx

  4. So sorry for you. Our pets mean so much in our lives.

  5. That's such a sad time for you, Selina, losing a companion like B.J. after many years. It is hard to say farewell to our animal companions as they give and return so much love. She was lucky to be with someone who loved and cared for her. May those snapdragons bloom with lots of colour! XxMeg

  6. So sorry for your loss Selina. My Bonny was 21 and also had dementia when we lost her a couple of years ago. I miss her still.

  7. Hello from Texas...and I am SO sorry for your loss!!
    Our Kitty lived to be 18...I still miss her...