Sunday, 30 November 2014


nice & cool start to the day at 20`c at 7:30am, it's now 26`c almost midday, it's clouding over as i type, a strong breeze is blowing also.
every week i go down to our local market grounds to help out with; weeding, planting, re-potting & organizing seeds etc. we also have a flourishing vegetable garden which supplies our sunday markets, i sometimes buy our own as well as other vegies.  

also trying to get some knitting done, currently working on a cardigan for my daughter who is in england, the pattern & wool i bought from our australian bendigo woollen mills, (once i work out how to do more with the blog i will get photos up) have completed the back & just started both fronts together, this way they will both be the same.

hope everyone has had a great weekend

thanx for visiting 


  1. Looking good, Selina. Adding photos is easy. Just resize them first so they aren't too big. You are getting there.

  2. I too am enjoying the lovely cooler change we are having in the weather of late (I'm in Beerwah). Your blog is coming along fine Selina - can't wait to read some more.....(Blinky)