Wednesday, 3 December 2014

about my place ...

pottering around my place here, not getting too much of anything done but feeling good when i empty another bucket of weeds onto the compost, or sit & knit a few rows til the power surges (sweats) drive me outside again. 
wandered around taking photos, not too many, some of the backyard, the unfinished chook shed, the paddock, the house, the garden out front & some kangaroos. my yard is mostly empty as it's hard going trying to keep trees & plants alive here, this is my 3rd-5th attempt, (due to dying trees & illness) hopefully this time will be better. just trying to keep the roos from destroying my small trees (they mark their territory by rubbing themselves on them) for now they all have wire cages for protection.

                                         this big buck loves the small trees
have an orchard half planned, it's where the new chook pen will be once it's built, have an imperial mandarin down there so far with some pumpkin vines growing well around it. some avocado trees started from seed will probably be the next ones to go in, followed sometime later by mango trees, hopefully, have only just potted some seeds up
                                           avocado trees grown from seed 

mowing season has started, finally, had 2 deluges late last week & i can barely keep up with the growth of the grass, it grows so fast here. been picking heaps for the chooks & mowing the rest. ground is uneven so its not easy going, have to dodge the fig tree roots & old shrub stumps too.

thanx for visiting


  1. I loved hearing about your progress - slowly but surely it will all start coming together for you. The hot weather and lack of rain certainly makes gardening a challenge. (Blinky)

    1. 14yrs is definitely slowly but surely, certainly hope it keeps going thanx

  2. It is taking shape, Selina. I am pleased you are starting to enjoy 'fiddling' with the settings.