Thursday, 15 October 2015

to tension or not ... ?

tension squares is something i haven't done since i first started knitting large garments, think i did about 5 & stopped, they were all perfect, i'm a very average knitter. 
the pink (purple actually) is jumper sample, front is for teapot cozies 

i was reading through one of my knit books & came across 'sample' squares, or if you like 'tension' squares but instead of undoing them you keep collecting them & then when you have enough sew them altogether & make a throw or a blanket. well, darn it all, why didn't i think of doing that all those years ago? i would have a wonderful collection of patchwork blankets by now if i had... bugga. the thing is i never thought of using 'throws' as they are called now, think we used to call them 'rugs' as had plenty of doonas. well guess what? i've started up a new/old habit, i want a patchwork blanket so i've started doing tension squares again, just did one for my new jumper & my tension was almost perfect, was a needlepoint out in the rows. i also did a teapot cosy square & i'm way out but am using BWMs wool which is different to the yarn specified, ended up with 9 extra rows but the counted stitches was exact, no matter for a cosy, will measure it as i go. i'm going to do textured stitch samples for my first blanket, as i've been collecting Deramores Stitch of the Week, which has many unusual textures to try out, should be fun. plus i have a few stitch library books i will search through too. the squares are only 40/41 stitches & 20cm long i think that should be plenty big enough to start. 
a lot of the blogs i read all have gorgeous crochet or knitted blankets thrown over their lounges or they're working on one. even my daughter has a crocheted throw she made for hubby which sits on her lounge, she is also making another one with the larks-foot stitch, which i can't wait to see when it's finished. i've also been making granny squares out of the left over wool, get about 6 rows on them, they will also make a good blanket.
been madly knitting my beanie as i want to get it finished but ended up with a seized wrist, ignored it for a good while before i stopped, well i'm at the crown decreasing, just didn't want to stop, so close!  
so, today i sat & did a little sewing instead. remember the market apron i started back at beginning of the year? well have been niggling at it on & off, am up to the waist band now. 

tiny little stitches, hope it all stays together 
almost got halfway across when my eyes declared they couldn't see it anymore lol. 

storm season has started, had a thunderstorm on Tuesday & thought there would be one yesterday but it was just all show 
it looked a lot more menacing than the photo is showing
been trying to rain since mid morning today, it's nice, not too hot, seems to be just right.
tomorrow might do a spot of mowing, weather permitting of cause.

well that will do for today, hope everyone is staying warm or cool in your part of the world

thanx for visiting


  1. A patchwork blanket made with tension squares is a brilliant idea!! Good for you for getting the apron finished up - you'll so enjoy it when it's finished :-)

    1. the apron is for our markets stall & i've still got a bit to go, hands keep seizing up on me.
      yes, am looking forward to doing the squares
      thanx for visiting

  2. Hi Selina, how nice your blog! I dropped here by chance and I like what I see (your work) and how you describe your daily life.
    I love your country too,particularly after reading The Thorn Birds - by Colleen Mc Cullough!!!!!! I'm sure you know, don't you?
    Thank you for Deramores stitch link,so useful.
    Have a nice time ...Hope to be welcome...

  3. Love the tension square idea. I don't normally make them. I know that a foolish thing to do but maybe time to change my ways. Would make a beautiful sampler blanket in the end. :)

    1. yes! that what i said lol it would make a beautiful blanket
      it won't just be 'tension' squares as i won't be making enough jumpers so i will be 'sampling' some stitches too
      thanx for commenting

  4. I think that is a great way to make good use of your squares. Last year I knit Hubby an afghan by making squares, all with 40 or 41 stitches depending on the pattern. I used Lion Brand Irish wool in a brown and it is very warm. Can't wait to see your apron.

  5. Hi Selina, just popping by for a visit & a read of your posts. Your tension squares sound a great idea ... your knitting is really lovely. I look forward to seeing the completed apron you are working on. The thunderstorm photo looks amazing .... I do love a good downpour & a thunderstorm. Happy Weekend to you Selina (its Friday here)