Thursday, 29 October 2015

Update on the bees

sad news, that lovely swarm Nev scored has all gone, he checked the box tuesday as he noticed there was no activity at the box, when he opened it up they we all gone. 
he also discovered they were a much darker colour, said they were probably from a feral hive which could be a little harder to contain, he's not totally sure, it was only he's second or third swarm he has retrieved & has only had one success but he reckons you learn more each time you do it, he thinks he may have had better chance if he left them to settle over night then moved them to his place. live & learn, it was still a good education for the rest of us.

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  1. Apparently unless the queen is is in the box they will not stay....always tricky. But yeah - super interesting.

    1. the queen is the deciding factor on where they will begin a new hive apparently too. the domesticated bees are probably used to the boxes, when they swarm the queen chooses the location, sometimes they move several times before settling. very interesting

  2. Just looked at the pics of you collecting the bees. You could not pay me enough to get near a swarm of them. Guess thats why I will leave it up to those who will. Good luck with the next ones you find.