Sunday, 12 February 2017

Scorching heat

g'day folks

ohhh my, this past week has been something with the high temperatures hasn't it? yesterday got up into the low 40s but today was the big one! they predicted for temperatures in the 40s but i bet they weren't expecting it to get so high, i decided to take my thermostat outside to see how hot it was 

this was at 11am it was 46`c outside

55`c at 2:45pm outside! 
in my kitchen at 11am it was 35`c & at 2:45pm it was 41`c, i came through it quite well considering i have been suffering a bit with the darn menopause but today i wasn't having an episode, kept myself hydrated. 
had the sprinkler going outside & a couple of young kangaroos were looking quite heat distressed, stood under the sprinkler getting quite a soaking, so i left it on & moved it around so it watered pots & the roos.

hope everyone survived this heat today, from what i've seen on the forecasts there's no relief til next week, expected to be another hot one tomorrow too.

thanx for visiting


  1. I saw heat wave in your title and knew instantly that it was on the other side of the world from me. We are having 40 degree temps too, but ours is in farenheit, not celcius, so it's on the other side of the temperatures. Too bad we couldn't get our two temps to meet somewhere in the middle!

  2. Oh boy, Selina! It got to 43C under our shaded verandah here yesterday, even with the shadecloth blinds drawn. I never took the thermometer out into direct sunlight, might've been too scary to see what it reached there;/ I can't wait for Tuesday when a cooler day is forecast. Lucky those roos had a sprinkler to play under too. I filled our birdbaths early morning and the birds stopped by for drinks during the day. Meg:)

  3. Certainly has been hot, being close to the coast we do not get to those temps, but way above average at 36C.

  4. Crikey Selina! We had four hot days hovering between 39 and 43 degrees, and on the fourth day our old home with thick stone walls started to heat up, so I turned on the aircon for the first time this summer. Here in SA we're all used to the heat and most homes have aircon, but I can't believe how bravely all of my Queensland friends coped with your incredible heat wave without air conditioning. Hats off to you all. :)

  5. Selina, I couldn't believe how hot it was yesterday. Apparently it was nearly 41C here but I am sure it was hotter. Our old house was so hot it was unbearable and there was no point going outside as it was just as hot out there and no breeze to be had either. Today it was supposed to be 34C but was 37C but I can feel the cool change now so am very grateful.

  6. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading that you were watering the poor kangaroos - how special! I read about your sock disaster, and thank you for your lovely comment on mine - don't worry, you'll get it. My very first pair were a complete and total disaster, and are still in a bag somewhere in a time out. The first was too huge and the second (which you would've thought I'd noticed sooner......) was almost to the toe when I realized it was miles smaller than the first.... Onwards! We learn from our mistakes :-)

    1. i think we get so excited to be actually knitting the sock & conquering those darn DPNs we forget to check the size. it's good practice, i have another one on the go, Winwick Mums pattern this time & bigger needles!

  7. Gosh Selina, that sure IS hot!! We have been having some hot temps here but not that high. We are getting good rain at the moment but Oh the humidity!! How wonderful to see the kangaroos standing under your sprinkler. Have a great weekend Selina x x