Friday, 24 February 2017


BJ is not much for cuddles, doesn't really like hugs either but she loves to snuggle up to you for pets, have started brushing her as well, she seems to be having a little trouble grooming herself lately, perhaps her tongue is wearing out?
when i sit & knit she is never too far away & some days, she just, well, she just has to snuggle!

sweet little BJ, i didn't get a lot of knitting done on this morning 

well our weather has cooled slightly, though still having high humidity, & still waiting on some rain ...

hope everyone is well & happy, cool or warm in your neck of the woods

thanx for visiting


  1. She looks very content there, Selina. Wouldn't some rain be nice! My husband tells me the forecast is for some showers next week. Fingers crossed XX Meg:)

    1. yes, she does, & yes to rain, just watched a heap of storm clouds go round us yet again!

  2. How intersting Selina - Our Toshi is not much for cuddles either but she too will jump up for a 'pet' when she needs it.

  3. She is a beautiful colouring Selina - her fur looks so soft. She sure does look very contented. We are waiting on promised rain too ... just went outside & felt about 3 drops. Hope thats not all of it!!!