Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Busy Bee Craft Group

every second Monday we have our group here in Kilkivan & every other Monday over in Goomeri. i came back to it late last year, thought seeing as i sit & knit on Monday anyways why not do it in company? (i knit everyday actually)

thought you might all enjoy some of what the ladies are making, they tend to swap their crafts out from week to week, & i thought i had too many projects going!

first up the dazzling butterfly quilt, my camera phone isn't doing the colours justice here, it's actually quite bright, she has matched the butterflies to the patchwork pieces around the borders.

next is some colourful Candle wicking

sorry, it was hard to get a good photo of this, it is to be another quilt

this is a cushion cover for a friend & it's in cross stitch

another lady was doing some very cute animal embroideries, think this is a quilt too.

we have a Pumpkin festival coming up in May & there's a small competition going with a pumpkin scene of course!

here is another using up scraps of material & then just doing many running stitches in all directions, says it's very soothing.

these are teeny, tiny hexagons, that's a pair of applique` scissors i left there so you could see the size, she is making these into flower blocks then those into a queen size quilt! 

this last one is a very colourful Bavarian blanket, a few of the ladies make them & donate them to elderly nursing homes in the area.

hope you enjoyed the pictures of one of my days out, i myself am knitting a sweater & will post it up when i have a fair bit more done. 

do you go to a group? for a day out to socialize, to learn a new skill? 

we finally got a bit of rain last night, need a lot more yet

thanx for visiting


  1. Selina, I love that Bavarian crochet. What a great group you have. That would be a nice outing for you.

  2. Candlewicking is one thing I would like to try. Must be lovely to stitch with others regularly.

  3. How lovely all that craft work is, Selina. I love seeing photos of the things people are making. Thanks for sharing them. Meg:)

  4. Some gorgeous craft work happening there. It would be so motivating to see such a variety of crafts around you.

  5. glad everyone enjoyed them
    yes, it's one of the reasons i started going again, need to get motivated for some of the projects i want to make

  6. Hi Selina, some great inspiring projects there for sure. How lovely to be part of such a creative group. I look forward to seeing your sweater you are knitting. Have a great week ahead Selina & thanks so much for your visit over to mine & your lovely comments you always leave. xxx

  7. Goomeri! My late Father in law used to own the garage and mechanic shop at Goomeri in the 1940s. What a small world.

  8. I started having "crafternoons" on the first Saturday of the month, and so far just have one friend that joins me. Another one will start next month. It is lovely to do this. That butterfly quilt is fantastic.

    1. it certainly is nice having company, though i wouldn't say i knit more at these groups, too busy gawking at everyones' beautiful work!