Thursday, 1 June 2017

my place

i know it's been a long time between posts of late but not a lot happens here, one day blurs into the next most weeks.
i knit & i am also trying to teach myself some new crochet stitches, yesterday i learned how to do the Half Double crochet, so will make a few dish cloths with that one, some straight up & some in a 'granny square' style too.
am still knitting my sons jumper, that one will probably take me awhile, what with all the other projects i have as well. 

well, i thought i would show a little of my place seeing as someone asked, it's not much & over the years not much has survived here, i give up then i try again to get trees to grow here, these photos are back in March not long after i mowed the whole back (when i was badly burned) i have about one & half acres total, the house sits on almost an acre.

this is the half acre looking up the small hill am right near the fence here

looking up towards neighbours house (on right)

looking up towards my house, the bushy mess to the left here is the chook yard

in March on the day of these photos i planted two trees, a yellow & a red kabala (spelling? couldn't find it in the native list on google, too many!) they are supposed to do well in poor soils.
i have since planted another 3 natives down there, a candle nut & a bumpy ash, but all are natives, hopefully they will do well. i'll be putting the odd large fruiting trees in as well like avocados.
today i finally got onto a fencer who is coming out Monday to look & measure & give me a quote, this is my 5th attempt. yay! 

today i'm mowing............................ again

the weekend gone i had my sons come up & start some renovations for me, my sweet eldest has been putting money away to do work on my house, instead of birthday or mother's day presents. i think that is absolutely wonderful! i've asked if i can contribute too but it will have to wait until i've done the fence.
the laundry was cemented, looks great, it's still to get tiles put down but needed to be level with the toilet & bathroom. one front bedroom had all the old walls & ceiling taken down & nice new plaster boards put up, it's still ongoing, needs all the joins plastered. can't wait to see it all finished. SiL also put in new power point boxes to be wired in later. it's also fully insulated, so it will be warm as toast or cool as a cucumber  :))

i planted the other 3 trees a couple of weeks ago & had a little help

Rita Skeeta helping with the holes 

that's my news for now, i will try to get some photos to show of the recent renovations, (my son posted them on FB as well).

hope everyone is well in your neck of the world

thanx for visiting


  1. Oh what a wonderful, thoughtful thing for your family to do for you! Your hear must be so full!

    Thats a lovely open outlook you have there, I hope your natives take off, Im sure once you get some things established the land will grow stronger and begin to be more usable. :)


  2. It's always interesting to see another's backyard. I know how hard it is to grow trees in a paddock, we have had many misses over the years.

    1. i've probably planted close to 100 trees here over the years, it gets very depressing when they keep dying, it's black clay soils here, it's either soggy liquid mud or set hard as cement but i keep trudging on, hopefully this lot will survive the winter.

  3. It's so exciting to see every small improvement isn't it Selina? Folks who can afford to get it all done at once really miss out on the immense feelings of satisfaction that comes with each small step. Your beautiful spacious block would be the envy of many. :)

  4. Selina, that is a lot of land for you to look after. My hubby is finding that just 1/2 acre is getting too much for him. Thanks for the photos and I look forward to seeing more.

    1. when i first moved here it was easy to look after, then illnesses kept creeping in & then the depression, my fitness went downhill fast with that, so now it is a bit of a struggle to get it all done but i take my time now, do it over several days sometimes weeks

  5. I try to grow things here on my land too, it's not the land that is the's me. I have a brown thumb instead of a green thumb, but I keep trying!
    Having a bit of land is so nice isn't it? I have horses and goats, some chickens and two geese. None have to pay their way, I just like having them around and I am fortunate enough to have the place to do it. I have some wonderful kids who help me out here as well. It's good to be loved, isn't it?

  6. What a thoughtful gift from your family, Selina. I think that's just brilliant! I hope your natives grow well, I know it can be very hard out your way with the heat over Summer to get things to grow. Meg:)

  7. Thank you for sharing - I've always wondered what your place looked like.

  8. Hello Selina, just popping by for a visit. Your place looks great, gosh thats alot of lawn for you to mow !! I thought I had alot here but you have much more I feel. How wonderful for your sons to help out with the renovations, that must be exciting & inspiring for you. Happy Weekend to you Selina xx