Thursday, 10 August 2017

A Reserve!

g'day there! 

we have crown land across the road from us & council has been tidying it up of late, got a little curious as to 'why'? as you know often when they clean up their land it's usually put up for sale & 'whammo' a new estate has gone in before you know it.
not this time however, they are turning it into a reserve to continue on & join up with the koala corridor! about bloody time! they are getting rid of all the horrible pom pom trees that grow here (pest) & are going to put in more koala friendly trees, am even loosing the big tree out on my vestige/curb, can't wait.


 the renovation of the front room is almost complete thanx to my son, SiL & family friend, just need sanding & painting now. 

old ceiling came off, there's now insulation up there

this was done when i had tin put on the outside, it has now got new boards

this wall almost fell out! SiL had to put a few nails up the side 

even the floors got pulled up, we will decide later on flooring

all boarded up, it has been plastered since this photo was taken

i will have some photos later as more work is done, it's looking good & feels great.

the laundry also got cemented the same weekend they did the front room

SiL up to his gumboots in cement

the laundry has since had a make over as well with all new insulation & new boards.
not so many drafts blow through anymore, makes the house just that little bit warmer.
have yet to get an electrician in to do the wiring & then it all just needs a sand & painting. then it'll be onto the next room.


in other news, Rita has been spayed/neutered & micro-chipped, almost 3 weeks now. will probably take about 6-12mths for her to settle down & stop wandering.

i also have a new phone which i'm still learning how to use, as yet haven't figured out how to take the photos off & get them on the PC yet.


the surveyor came today & i now have marked borders, am very happy about that, only one of the old fences was on the border, the rest are way out, one is from just over one metre down the bottom & over 2 metres up at the top, a big difference & so glad i didn't go ahead with just winging the fence plus my neighbour has offered to pay for half of his, it's great, now to save up some more moneys.

hope everyone is staying cool or warm in their neck of the world! 

thanx for visiting


  1. That's wonderful news about the koalas. They are so cute. It looks like you have been very busy with your renovations. Keep up the great work!

  2. Wow what a lot of work has been done, Selina. I can tell you are very happy about the koala corridor. The poor koalas don't have much of a chance these days with all the new estates that go up.

  3. What a lot of work happening at your place, Selina. You must be excited about it all. Great that your council is doing something to support koala populations, with so much land clearing happening our beautiful koala is losing its habitat at a rapid rate. There are koalas in the forests that cover the ridge just near here and I hope there always will be. Meg:)

  4. Hi Selina, thanks for the lovely comment you left me over at my blog. Its lovely to visit yours & see a new post. Thats great news about the reserve. Gosh your renovations are coming along so well ... you will LOVE the insulation & it will make such a difference. When we put it in last winter I could not believe how much cosier it all was.