Monday, 23 October 2017

Introducing Poppet - Miss Poppet


here are some much awaited photos of Poppet

she is very small & is being cared for by my eldest DD1.

in Cairns pound on deathrow

helping DD1 with the folding

visiting the vets for her vaccination

still helping to fold clothes  

adorable with her tongue out & getting comfy on DD1s bed lol

she is slowly putting on weight, she is not used to the food yet, we are waiting for her to toally dry up before she is desexed.

apparently she is craving affection & always wants pets & cuddles, she is settling down quite well. 

when DD1 asked me to think of names, i came up with 'Penny' at first then as we were chatting about her that clip of the ugly bloke out of the Pirates of the Carribean chasing 'Elizabeth through the house came to mind. POPPET! brilliant, suits her too. am going to go with Miss Poppet for her records. 
can't wait to get her here, it will be a little while yet, after her desexing. just hope Rita & B.J. will like her, it has taken B.J. months to get used to Rita.

DD1 will keep photos coming, she likes to keep me updated.

on another note we have had almost a good week of rain, ground is sopping now, so much water, thanx, that'll do us nicely! 

hope everyone is having a good week, stay happy & safe in your neck of the world.

thanx for visiting


  1. She's so cute, Selina. What lovely coloring she has. Glad to hear you have had plenty of rain.

  2. Miss Poppet looks to be a real sweetie, Selina. What a lucky cat she is to be safe and now cared for. What a lovely heart you have! Meg:)

  3. So nice of you to take Miss Poppet, Selina. Yes the rain was lovely. I think you got more than us but what we got was plenty for the time being. Now for a few days of sunshine to dry everything out.

  4. Poppet is adorable, such a pretty color! She is very lucky to have found you and your daughter!

  5. She looks so cute. I love to have them:)

  6. The dear little thing. Good on you for taking her Selina.