Monday, 16 October 2017

Rain, Rain, Rain, falling upon my head ....

g'day there!

as the title suggests it's raining, been raining since thursday ohhh & the ground so needed this soaking too.
it's lovely weather to just sit & knit or cozy up with a good book. 
no idea how much rain but we are getting puddles now & everything is green & you can see the grass growing! 

DD1 & SiL2 came up on the weekend SiL to do a bit more work to the house, he scored a new back door (free, building sites are so wasteful!) so that went up on saturday & so did some cornices. lovely DD1 crocheted some towel tops for me & her fundraiser, she was also happy with the dish cloths i made, sorry forgot to take a pic. 

on the rescue note, haven't got my photos off my phone yet but 'Poppet' arrived Saturday morning at my DD1s place, she is settling in & is very affectionate.

hope everyone is getting some of this rain, it's awesome!

stay safe & take care where ever you are

thanx for visiting


  1. I'm so glad about that rain your getting. It truly is a source of life. Keen beans to see some pics

  2. Glad you are getting all that rain, Selina. We aren't getting as much here but what does fall is much appreciated.

  3. The rain's been falling steadily here, Selina. Isn't it wonderful! Being so dry up your way, it will make the world of difference. Meg:)

  4. Congratulations on the new back door, Selina. Glad to hear you are getting some rain. It sounds comfortable and cozy in your home. Enjoy your knitting and reading.

  5. So pleased you are getting the lovely rain Selina. We need some here as have had strong winds & they dry everything out so much. Looking forward to seeing photos of "poppet" when you get a chance. Xx

  6. We need some good rain here once again.