Saturday, 11 November 2017

Here's Poppet!

as promised more photos of the lovely Miss Poppet

i actually discovered a rather nasty big bump inbetween her eyes at top of her nose which i've been keeping an eye on, now at least i know why she turns away when you try to pat her head, am thinking she may have got caught on the trap door, it's easily missed cos of her colouring. 

a very curious young cat & wanting lots of affection, her colouring is gorgeous with a little bit of tabby stripes that you can just see in the 1st photo. 

this gorgeous girl was very curious & also affectionate

Poppet took over the bed the first night she was allowed out

cuddling up while knitting

loves the bed

ALL 3 cats on the bed with BJ at the back glaring daggers at Poppet

Rita "can i have my bed back mum?"

loving attention

absolutely loves Rita's smell, was rubbing herself silly in Rita's spot

hope everyone has had a great week & you're enjoying a relaxing weekend. 
stay safe & warm/cool in your neck of the world

thanx for visiting


  1. I can tell you are besotted, Selina. LOL!

  2. She looks like she's making herself comfortable in her new home, Selina. Lovely new beginning for her. Meg:)

  3. I agree. Her coloring is just gorgeous, Selina!

  4. A new baby for you, she's gorgeous. Looks like she's settled in to her new life very well.

  5. Oh Selina .... Poppet is just GORGEOUS!! What a sweet inquisitive little face. Pleased to see they are all sorting out their pecking orders!!