Tuesday, 5 December 2017

just a sweet song ...

have had this song stuck in my head since i woke up this morning & thought i'd share, love his voice


hope everyone is cool/warm & safe in their neck of the world

thanx for visiting 


  1. Well that song brings back memories, Selina. I used to love listening to John Denver back in the day. We must be the same vintage. LOL!

  2. Oh that song always brings back memories of myself and best friend watching it at the Cinema in the City as a 17 yr old. We both sobbed bitterly and were compelled to buy the cassette tape, which made us cry every time we played it. lol..

  3. Oh my gosh! Thank you for this! John Denver will always be my favorite singer. Always! Now I want to go listen to all of his songs!

  4. Listening too it now why I tidy the kitchen,lovely. Kasalia