Friday, 15 December 2017

it's finally done ...


a bit more news;
          "it's finally done after being a temporary fence for 17 years!" 

that'd be the chook pen i'm referring to. 
you see, when we first moved here we had chooks, lots of chooks (about 20 odd) & there was no chook pen so one was put up in a hurry & added to later but it was always just temporary. 

the new one was put up in 3 days, it's a bit bigger than their old pen and i'm very happy with it. 

first day all the posts went in, that's the old fence covered in grass

big posts for the corners & some midway points

along the south side (bottom) of the new pen
most of the posts were put in on the Tuesday of this week, i was getting eager as the humidity was killing us here (no storms to break it either) & though rain would've been nice i was hoping it would stay away til my fence was done.

a nice new gate

it's a good size yard now & needs more chooks!

front of the chook pen

there's still more work to do, as am in need of a new chook shed, the one currently being used is just rotting away (they used pine for the posts & studs) the fencer reckons it won't stand for another 5 years, so, he'll be back next year sometime to finish off the other shed & re-roof it. 

am still locking them up at night for now, not sure what critters are around at night here plus i need to put some boards around the bottom of the fence line as it's on a slope. will put them in & make veggie gardens for the chooks. 

all done before xmas, am very happy about that! 



tried my hand at getting 'storm cloud shots' at the beginning of the month but i think i'm seriously going to need a decent camera. anyway here are 2 of my attempts; the phone camera kept auto-adjusting for more light, it was very hard trying to get it to what it was supposed to be; they were a lot darker & more menacing looking than the photos.

this was a lot darker, very hard trying to get accurate with the phone

still not as dark as real life, the clouds were amazing but alas phone camera shot poorly

hope everyone is surviving the heat here, humidity is just awful. those of you on the other side hope you're keeping warm!

thanx for visiting


  1. Yes it is going to be hot for a week, Selina. No rain on the forecast either I don't think. I hope you cope with the humidity. I imagine you would have a few snakes where you live by the looks of it. We had one here a couple of years ago and we are in town :-(

  2. saw a small group of young browns under the trees here which the kookaburras made short work of...
    i have fans & if that fails i go & dunk myself under the shower. there is always some way to cool off if needed.
    you keep cool too

  3. Hi Selina, Your new fence looks excellent. It's such a satisfying feeling to get those repairs completed. I think your cloud photos are magnificent! I especially love the colors.

  4. It looks amazing Selina ... well done! You must be so chuffed to have it all done & looking so good. Its hot, windy & dry here - the paddocks are fast turning brown already!

  5. Your new fence looks great, Selina. And a new chook pen will be something great to look forward to for next year. We don't have chooks, though I'd love to, I just think the pythons we have here would see them as free lunch! Going to be a hot week so stay cool! Meg:)

  6. That's a serious looking chook yard Selina. Well done on getting it finished, not easy in that heat and humidity that drains the energy so fast.

  7. Selina I can't find your email address, and need to ask you a question. We're planning on a road trip to Kilkivan and Noosa Hinterland next May. We're bringing our dog with us, of course, and I'm concerned about ticks. Can you offer any advice please?

    1. not sure if i have my email here but it is on the forum; ticks are always a problem, no matter where you go; use the spot on liquids especially for ticks as well as fleas & you should be able to keep them off. also ask your vet about them as well he might be able to recommend one; I buy from online, a lot cheaper than pet or vet stores.
      good luck

  8. Hi Selina, thanks for visiting my blog so regularly; I have only just discovered yours! It's beaut, I am enjoying reading about your life up north:-)