Friday, 9 November 2018

just dropping in


it's been awhile

as i've said in earlier posts, i'm not much of a writer ...

been madly knitting & trying to finish a commissioned cardigan; finished the fronts only to find the pattern for the larger size isn't large at all, well, that put a damper on my knitting... so i have to make side panels to fit into it, no biggy. I hope...
the lady i am knitting for is quite big, it's my 1st attempt at a large garment, we're getting there...

on the home front, Miss Poppet is settling in nicely, non of the other 2 are friendly with her yet, it's been a year, come on! all in good time i guess.

not much is happening out in my poor dry gardens as i'm too busy knitting lol. 

i did get a fence up between the neighbour & i, progress! now to come up with another few 1000 to get the rest of it done... $$$$$$$$$$$ am determined 

well that's it for now, just letting everyone know i'm still here 

hope everyone is well, happy & safe in your neck of the world

thanx for visiting 


  1. Fences are expensive. I spent $600 replacing a small part of min last year. Good luck with the sweater. I hope it fits. Large projects are time consuming. Congratulations on the commission.

    1. yes they are, just the one fence with gate cost over 2k
      thanx am finding it very consuming!

  2. Wonderful to see a new post go up Selina! You may not think you are much of a writer but I always enjoy it when you post.

  3. Hi, Selina. Lovely to see a new post from you. I imagine it is very dry up your way, did you get any of those storms a few weeks back? We have just had our driveway gates repaired and it cost almost $500. Part of our back fence needs replacing too and we are waiting for the neighbours to organise the quote. Fences and gates don't come cheap! Meg:)

    1. no they certainly don't, especially when you're unable to do it yourself!

  4. Hi Selina ... lovely to see a post again. I do think of you often & hoped that things were ticking along okay in your world. Thanks for your visits to my blog which I do appreciate. I certainly do know about fences ... we got a quote to fence our boundary & it gave me heart palpitations! Needless to say it won't be getting done for awhile. Have a great week Selina Xx

  5. Hi Selina, just dropping by to say hi and hope all is good in your world. Take care now.