Saturday, 6 December 2014


                                       my 1st book bought 2nd hand from Amazon

it's old fashioned but i like the feel of a book in my hands, the sweet smell of the pages as they're turned, just like being wrapped up in a favourite blanket (especially on rainy days). 
they can inspire, teach or take us away on an adventure filled with thrills & excitement (my favourite books when in school was the silver brumby series) these days i'm more into learning; homemaking, making soaps, knitting, simple living, self sufficiency, even some cooking, etc. 

                                   two crochet stitch books for my eldest daughter & soap recipes 

i have discovered Amazon, they have many titles of new & used books, most in good condition.
i have a wishlist with them that is getting quite long but am looking forward to gradually updating my collection of books.

i know that having the internet is supposed to cut down our demands for paper, in my opinion books are way better especially when the power goes out, it's hard going if all you have to read is downloaded onto your computer. don't get me wrong, i still use the computer to download some patterns & recipes to print out & keep in a binder, (am always running out of ink)...

books also make good practical gifts.


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  1. I love the feel and smell of a favourite book too. Don't forget your local library - costs you nothing and they should be able to order in books from other libraries that they do not have.
    My reading too has gone from entertainment to self education.....must come with age :-)