Wednesday, 31 December 2014

knitting, crochet & crafts, great anti depressants

knitting helps me feel good & hope it helps you to feel good too, doing a bit of reading, apparently any craft that requires creativity is beneficial. 
just a couple of sites i found how it has proven to be helpful for others.

knitting (& other crafts) is healthy for your brain


i love the look of a knitted or crocheted garment, the luxurious feel of the fibers & of cause the warmth. i've knitted since my teenage years on & off over the decades, my step mum taught me originally, she couldn't read any patterns but knitted & crocheted up many garments for young & old (she had many grandchildren to keep her hands very busy). mum was one of those who could look at something then go home & sit for hours til she had the pattern, cables were a little out of her league but she did a few of the 2 stitch versions.

Rhonda from Down To Earth blog rekindled my knitting a few years ago, since then i've finished 3 jumpers, many beanies & quite a few dish cloths. have even taught myself circular knitting which i was always afraid to tackle, still need to practice that one though as i would love to have a go at making socks.
currently have a few projects on the go, a cardigan, coat hanger cover & a dishcloth. there's also a top i've started but not liking the look of it will pull it out & do a different pattern for the 8ply.

left to right; cotton top, dish cloth, bottom;
knitted lace coat hanger cover & cardigan

the knitted top i started before xmas 2013, not happy with the way it's knitting up, the ply is way too loose for the pattern probably suit a 10ply. so will undo it & find another top pattern, most likely one from BMW.
i don't knit everyday, the sweats don't allow it, but when i do i thoroughly enjoy it. just the idea of being 'productive' gives me a small feeling of satisfaction that i'm making something very useful, that you can not just 'buy' in a shop. sure i've bought many jumpers over the years as i've not yet made one for myself but knitted for many others, one day, after i get all the other jumpers/tops/scarves/wraps/etc made, i might sit & make one for myself. does anyone else suffer this problem? not that it's much of a problem, it's nice knowing that others enjoy my knits.
i also like reading other blogs about how they found knitting or crochet, this is not only limited to the women but also men, it's good seeing both genders getting in on the act. 
love looking up patterns (am also a pattern collector/hoarder) have quite a few books that i just love, one book i've made a few from & still have a few in i would love to get a start on but keep finding other projects to knit.
haven't knitted for a few days now, with this high humidity we're having the sweats just won't let up so i've been mowing instead...

so, have you found knitting or crochet & what's on your needles right now?

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  1. A few years ago I was inspired by Rhonda's blog to knit up a few dishcloths. I really have a lot to learn about knitting though. I do have an unfinished knitting project that I pick up and work on every so often.