Wednesday, 7 January 2015


ohhh i love my friends! 
just after i published my earlier post i got a phone call from one of my best friends, H & J who are holidaying over here from their work/stay in NZ. wanted to know if i was going to be home today & i was, they said it would be later in the day when they come to visit & i said that will be fine, haven't seen them for almost 2yrs & looking around my house & seeing nothing but mess that needed to be cleaned up & floors swept... uuuggghhh! well i picked myself up & got into it just after i fed & let the chooks out, went through & brushed down many of the cobwebs, those i could reach & swept as well, it will do, didn't look so bad then. then i sat & knitted for a bit while i waited, later in the arvo it was after 4:30pm, thought they may not be coming, decided i would go plant some pumpkin seeds up the back paddock & who should turn up? yep, my friends did & they discovered i had a split pipe too, (i'm almost deaf & didn't hear it) so after many hugs & a dash to the water mains to turn water off i rang a friend & neighbour who is good in a crisis. pipe fixed. H decided to jump up on to the roof & clean out my gutters & she put in some mesh too! 

afterwards we wandered around the yard chatting about this & that, then in the house about things i was doing, from turning fabric into yarn, making mats, to knitting cardigans & dishcloths, to making soaps & herbal teas. while drinking a freshly made herbal tea i threw together from the garden with lemon grass, lemon verbena & peppermint geranium, tasted great! i gave them a doz eggs to take back with them, they are over here for a couple of weeks i think, or possibly a month, they like to get back to aus about every 2 yrs to visit family & friends.

it was a great arvo

ohhh darn & i just realised i forgot to take photos! bugga!


  1. Selina it sounds like you had a lovely visit with your friends. And pipes mended and gutters cleared to boot. What a full afternoon!

  2. The best friends are ones that you can just chat about this and that :-) and take up where you left off no matter how long it has been.

  3. That must have been so nice to have a visit from your friends, Selina. It sounds like you get a little lonely sometime. I hope one day you are able to get another pet for company.

    1. yes, it can be very lonely here sometimes, i go down to our local markets & volunteer so i have some company there.