Saturday, 17 January 2015

poor pantry

rhonda over at DTE blog is having a Pantry Challenge & i have put my foot in it, thinking it would get me motivated to at least clean it up a bit,
well, i took the photos then i just closed the doors & forgot about it ...

forgotten behind closed doors

here is the 'before';

i have a huge tall pantry, most of which is just wasted space & think it was just an extended part of the wooden kitchen that was put here, with only 2 usable shelves & one that's so high you need to be 10 foot tall just to use it! 

high empty shelf
too much wasted space

not sure if the previous owner even gave the room any thought, i did, this morning as i was making my porridge & came to the conclusion that it would probably be best if it was removed & the space used for more bench tops & cupboards but that will be a post for another day.

not much on the shelves
so... the challenge is for this weekend & results due on monday, mmm, did i mention that i'm also claustrophobic & afraid of the dark? there's no lights in it, think this is why i keep putting the cleaning off but it is well over due...

old spice rack i scored years ago
the old spice rack is one item in there that gets well used & is right near the door but to the side so it's out of the direct light. 

okay now that's all the 'before' done, will post 'results' sometime after the weekend. (there's never-ending mowing to do here again)

is anyone else taking on rhondas challenge? 

have a great weekend

thanx for visiting 


  1. Well there you go, Selina. You will have it done by Monday I am sure. I might have to finish my pantry off at night as it is too hot.

    1. yes, i could barely move today with the heat & almost no air here, cooled off around five though & was able to get out & do a spot of mowing.

  2. I am taking on Rhonda's challenge too, Selina. I thought it was a great idea to start off the New Year with a clean pantry.

  3. That is quite a big pantry Selina.

    I was a few days too early in cleaning out my pantry. Oh well it had to be done, especially after the busyness of Christmas and New Year. I did take before photos but was too embarrassed to post them lol.

    I was thinking of posting on the dte forum, but haven't been there yet. I think the site has been down this week...


  4. don't be embarrassed, you couldn't see how dirty mine was cos of the flash lol your pantry looked good