Friday, 9 January 2015


no longer needing help, they have plenty of mittens now

Koalas needing help urgently

it is sad for all the losses in the recent bushfires & still are many that need help, please if you can sew, please help out these poor animals
Rhonda has also posted this on her blog too, if you have a blog please share this around to as many readers as possible, wish i could sew, i don't have any 100% cotton here anyway, so this is how i will help.

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  1. Selina I am not sure they are needed anymore as I did a search this morning and came across this I was going to do a blog post about the mittens too but it looks like they aren't necessary. If I could crochet well enough I would make some possum pouches instead.

  2. okay, thanx for that, at the time i posted they were still needing them, am glad they got a good response, yes, there must be many more animals that need help too.

  3. ...nevertheless, animal sanctuaries and shelter are often needing things made like this - it might be worth asking your local one what they need. this has at least raised our awareness.